I Am Done..

I am done with crying. I am done with trying. I am not tired of loving you but I am tired of trying to make you love me back.I am tired of these long chases which lead me to nowhere. I am tired of waiting for a rainbow to shine through us. I will never stop loving you but yes I will stop running after you in circles. I will stop waiting for you to come back to me. I will stop waiting for your calls and your text messages. I will try to live without you but I will never stop loving you because a woman cannot love another man in her life if she has loved someone from the depths of her heart and soul. And one day when I am gone forever from this world and I lie in my grave I don’t want you to come with flowers and shed tears for me because you could have loved me and made me smile when I was with you. You could have given me flowers and wiped my tears when I used to wait for you endlessly. ..Aarti Khurana