I Am A Woman Of Substance.

I am woman of substance. Don’t judge me by my looks, my clothes or the way I wear my hair .My beauty is not limited to my looks or the way I walk. Define me by the tough emotional battles I fight each day. Define me by the way I keep smiling no matter how emotionally worked up I am. My life is not glorious and I don’t have medals or trophies to flaunt but my biggest trophy is my heart full of love and compassion. I am sensitive and overemotional at times but I am not weak. I know when, where and how to react to the situations in my life. I have been cheated and betrayed in love but I am still not afraid to fall in love again because I have confidence in my abilities to love with all that I have. I have endured the pain of heartbreak and moved on because I am emotionally strong and I have made my decision to stay happy for myself. I have been broken, shattered and rebuilt and I am a woman of endurance, confidence and courage. I have the capacity to endure pain and survive despite all the odds in my life because I am strong through and through. I’m unique in my own special ways even with my flaws and imperfections. I am proud of what I am… Aarti Khurana