8 Common Things That A Broken Woman Usually Does

A girl can only have her heart broken so many times. She has been crushed so many times by so many terrible men in the past. Despite her best intentions, she always found herself on the losing end. She always found herself drawing the short stick. And if you have ever been around a broken woman before, then you would know that these are 8 common things that she might usually do.

1. She will take a cynical view of love and romance.

She has gotten her hopes up for love so many times in the past. She has tried her best to believe that she would eventually find success in love. But every single time she tried her hand at love, she failed. She had her feelings betray her. And that’s why whenever she sees other people who claim that they are in love, she is just going to laugh at them. She has become cynical.

2. She will stop believing in the idea of true love.

She has never really had the opportunity to experience true love for herself. And that’s exactly why she doesn’t really believe in the idea of love at this point. She doesn’t want to believe in something that she hasn’t experienced or felt for herself. She has become skeptical because of how many times she has failed at love in her life.

3. She will lose her respect for the people around her.

She is going to grow to hate the human species. She has been hurt and abused by so many people in the past. She has been tortured and manipulated by so many men that she has given her trust to. She has been disrespected and bastardized so many times. And that’s why she doesn’t automatically give people her respect anymore.

4. She will start to hang out with destructive people just like her.

You are probably familiar with the saying “misery loves company”, and that’s exactly what is going on with her in her life. She is absolutely miserable. There is so much toxicity inside of her and she’s going to seek out the same kinds of people. She’s going to want to surround herself with other broken and toxic people as well. And she might not even do so consciously.

5. She will hurt other people in the same way that she was hurt.

She might not necessarily WANT to hurt other people. She might not necessarily WANT to inflict the same kind of pain on other people. However, she’s most likely going to do so. She isn’t going to do it on purpose. But she has become so jarred and cold that she is likely going to cause a wake of destruction in her path.

6. She will accept sadness to be a permanent part of her life.

She is just going to grow numb to the idea of sadness. She is going to just accept that she will be sad for the rest of her life. She has had to deal with sadness so much in the past. And she’s going to just expect sadness in the future.

7. She will convince herself that everyone is just out to get her.

She has been hurt by so many men in her life already. And these are all men that she has grown to trust. And she is so tired of just getting hurt and betrayed. That’s why she’s going to just assume that all men are out to hurt her.

8. She will still try to find that voice inside of her head telling her to keep moving forward.

But in spite of all that she’s been through, she’s still going to try to find a reason to keep on moving forward.

Husband Admits To Sleeping With Wife’s SISTER. But Her Response Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Read


Dear Wife,

I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. … Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favourite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me any more; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me any more; whatever the case, I’m gone.
Your EX-Husband

P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!

Dear Ex-Husband,

Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you & I have been married for 7 years, although a good man is a far cry from what you’ve been. I watch my soaps so much because they drown out your constant whining & griping Too bad that doesn’t work. I DID notice when you got a haircut last week, but the 1st thing that came to mind was ‘You look just like a girl!’ Since my mother raised me not to say anything if you can’t say something nice, I didn’t comment. And when you cooked my favourite meal, you must have gotten me confused with MY SISTER, because I stopped eating pork 7 years ago. About those new silk boxers: I turned away from you because the $49.99 price tag was still on them, & I prayed it was a coincidence that my sister had just borrowed $50 from me that morning. After all of this, I still loved you & felt we could work it out. So when I hit the lotto for 10 million dollars, I quit my job & bought us 2 tickets to Jamaica But when I got home you were gone.. Everything happens for a reason, I guess. I hope you have the fulfilling life you always wanted. My lawyer said that the letter you wrote ensures you won’t get a dime from me. So take care.

Signed, Your Ex-Wife, Rich As Hell & Free!

P.S. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but my sister Carla was born Carl. I hope that’s not a problem. (57409)

The Best Divorce Letter Ever.

A strong person never ever gives up

A strong person is not the one who doesn’t cry. A strong person is one who is quiet and sheds tears for a moment and then picks up the sword and fights again.

The way you make a fist says a lot about your Personality

The way you make your fist has a lot to do with your personality and it depends a lot on the intent you have. So, what does it say about you? FInd out.

Clench your fist. How does it appear? Well, the way your fingers turn and your fist is formed does reveal a lot about you. What does yours say?

#1 Type A

If this is the way you hold your fist then you are a gentle person (notice how the thumb just rests beside the other four fingers). You are sensitive, compassionate and considerate.

The one thing that sets you apart is your emotional understanding. You are capable of taking into account other's emotions and act accordingly, which makes you accessible, as a person.

Internally, you are organized, strategic and towards the creative side. Tending towards introversion, you prefer a good blend of isolation and social exposure. You are slightly impatient when it comes to the things that you pursue.

The one thing, however, that you need to be careful about is people. They, not all, would try to take advantage of your fair attitude and given the kind of person you are, you may not even protest. Be you, but be careful.

#2 Type B

If this is how you hold your fist then your talent, charm, and charisma speak more about you than you ever could. You are high on the extroversion scale and ready to act at a moment's notice.

Like the thumb that stretches out to cover the other four fingers, unconsciously, you don't hold back your emotions either. Everything you are is out there and you don't hesitate in speaking as you feel.

Internally, you are driven, ambitious and a person who has a secret goal in their mind which they are in pursuit of. Your dreams are the only thing you hide from others as you really don't trust others to understand them.

You work in isolation for what you want in life and are extremely focused on your approach. The one thing that goes against you is that people tend you judge you the wrong way but the fact is that it's their problem and not yours.

#3 Type C

Holding the fist like in the figure above shows clear signs of introversion. The thumb hides behind the other fingers like your inner thoughts which you don't share with everyone. You like your own company and that of a selected few because the one thing you absolutely hate is drama.

You can't handle the phoniness of people and are attracted to those who are honest and straightforward. Internally, you wish to have only those people in your life with whom you can have a deep and meaningful conversation with.

You like spending time with people but after a certain point, you need your space. The thing that gets you riled up is when people intrude into your space without your consent and god help those who waste your time.

Honest and frank, you are careful of not hurting others and if there's one thing that brings you calm, it's the peace of your personal space, inhabited just by you. You are your own person and you were born to be that way.

11 Signs There’s A Toxic Person In Your Life

What are the signs of a toxic person? We’ve come up with 11…


Something to address, quickly: it’s normal to want to think of something to say while someone else is talking. After all, nobody likes sounding “unsure” or “dumb”.
Two things: (1) trying to think of something to say when another person is speaking is not effective (2) this is not what makes somebody a bad listener.

A lack of acknowledgement, lack of response and just plain disinterest is what makes someone a bad listener. Many times, they’ll just continue talking about themselves anyways.


To them, any adverse situation is the result of someone else’s actions. Have a break up? It’s always their evil partner. Came in late to work? Well, it’s the traffic (always (despite nobody else seeing it). Flop on the exam? Well, the questions didn’t match the study guide!

It doesn’t matter if they are at fault – they’ll never admit it. These people have usually gotten so good at making up excuses that they’re uttered semiconsciously.


Ever been somewhere and heard a toxic person make a rude comment about someone in the room that they’ve never even met? It’s weird and shocking at the same time – weird because it’s so out of nowhere and shocking because 99% of people don’t do that.

But some toxic people will say they have the magical ability to innately “feel” when something is wrong with someone else. Worse yet is when they make a crack on someone else’s physical appearance.


Then we have this group – the ones always needing attention. The easiest way to detect this is in a conversation: they’re always interrupting, dominating, and controlling.

They only time they’re happy in a conversation is when they are turning it back onto themselves. They’re also the ones who always seem to always find themselves in the middle the group picture while simultaneously being the loudest one anywhere.


It’s still shocking to people watch and witness how some folks act. People still litter, graffiti property, cut people off in traffic, don’t say “thank you” (always, always been a major pet peeve of this writer), etc. These misguided, socially wretched behaviors are very disturbing.
(Anybody else ever wonder who raised these people?)


Interrupting conversations, interrupting traffic, interrupting with their phone; these folks are constantly in “me mode” and to heck with anyone else that tries to get in their way. They’ve got better things to do than display some empathy or patience.

In seriousness, this is really annoying. It’s human nature to interject someone and apologize. It’s downright rude to be so self-centered and clueless.


Quick question: how do most people come to the conclusion that someone is exceptional (as a person or at something)? Well, we simply observe and come to the conclusion.
Michael Jordan never had to tell us he was a great basketball player. Mother Theresa never had to tell us she was a loving, kind person.

So, when we hear someone talk about how they’re great without being asked and without merit, it’s (again) weird and shocking. Most people are modest about their qualities, but toxic people are not “most people.”

This goes without saying, but physically and/or emotionally abusing another person or animal is an unconscionable and toxic act. Nothing else really needs to be said on the subject, except that if we’re being abused or know of another person or animal being abused that it should be reported to authorities immediately.


In other words, they always have to be right. No amount of evidence to the contrary can sway a toxic person’s illogical conclusion that they are right.

Some people will go to the extreme of a loud, vocal argument to “prove” they’re right. Mind you, there is nothing of substance that is being said – they’re trying to “win” the debate on noise level alone.

Bottom line: not being able to admit that they’re wrong and not being able to admit when someone is right are undesirable characteristics in a person.


A close cousin of #2 and #10, some people don’t take responsibility for anything. Unfortunately, these people can’t see that their own actions yielded an undesirable result.

As for examples, we see this when someone is arguing with an authority figure – a cop, teacher, judge, etc. – and illogically pleading a case without actually having a case. For rational folks, we simply see this as a childish attempt to deflect responsibility from where it belongs.


Ever seen the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone? If so, it’s quickly apparent that Cher (Silverstone’s character) and their group look down on pretty much everyone. Everyone else is dirty, badly dressed or otherwise unworthy of their recognition.

There are still people who act “as if” (get it?) it’s still high school. If someone else isn’t driving the newest car, flashing the latest threads or populating the same neighborhood, they’re simply not worth the time. Toxic people consider themselves in another class that only a few, if anyone at all, deserve admittance.

These Zodiac Pairs Are The Most Passionate And Powerful Together!

Did you check the papers every day when you were a kid to see what your horoscope for the day was? You don’t have to believe in astrology completely to still find it interesting.
Just because your husband of twenty years is a Taurus while you’re a Sagittarius, there’s no reason to panic about your incompatibility and reevaluate your entire relationship. However, trying to take a peek into the future and getting an insight into ourselves will never stop being fun. Here are the signs you’re most compatible with according to your zodiac.


While Aries can have great leadership qualities and are usually quite aggressive, their headfirst attitude can also get them in tight spots. These qualities also spill over into their personal life, with Aries always seeking to take control of the relationship. If there’s one thing that an Aries dislikes above all else, it’s mind games. If you’re trying to woo an Aries, always remember they will appreciate your honesty more than you playing coy. Sexually as well, Aries is far from your placid lover. They’re extremely passionate people and expect the same from their partner. Their best bedfellows tend to be Leos or Scorpios, who match their fiery sexuality move for move. While these signs can often form deep relationships with them as well, Aries tends to gravitate toward the carefree Libra when they want something meaningful. Libra’s demand for an emotional connection keeps their feelings grounded, while still nurturing their need for adventure. Taurus is usually the worst sign for an Aries as they tend to be too dismissive of an Aries who need to feel in charge.


The reliable, grounded Taurus is likely to be a homebody who values their time with family above all else. They’re also a stickler for tradition and can always be counted on to bring the family together for a special occasion. For a Taurus, lovemaking is of much more importance than the basic mechanisms of the act. A Taurus wants to be courted and serenaded with big romantic gestures. They are most compatible with Virgos who also center their lives around family. They also have the best sexual relationships with them because Virgos understand their preference of sensuality over sex. Sometimes however, especially for the more controlling and possessive Taureans, they tend to match better with Scorpios who are just as intense as they are. But one sign almost every Taurus tends to stay away from is the wild Sagittarius, always looking for the next big adventure.


Funny and spirited Geminis are always the best to be around. They can talk to you about almost anything, keep everyone in splits with their wit and never let anyone have a dull moment when they’re with them. However, the flighty nature of the air sign Gemini makes it difficult for them to have a steady relationship. Most Geminis tend to fear commitment and will back out of a relationship almost as soon as they sense it becoming serious. The keen intellect of the Gemini craves a partner who they feel is as well-read and smart as they are. Their idea of foreplay is usually engaging in quick witted sexual banter with their partner. For a Gemini to be willing to commit, they need a partner who will never tie them down and with whom they can always enjoy a good laugh. Smart, outgoing Sagittarians are always quick to catch a Gemini’s eye. Their impulsive characters often complement each other, allowing them both to blossom. Most Geminis however, will avoid Capricorns, whom they perceive as boring homebodies.


If you know someone who’s a Cancer, chances are they’re the most compassionate and selfless person you’ve met. The most striking feature of a Cancerian is their empathy. This is also many times their greatest weakness as they can find it impossible to say ‘no’ to people. They’re rarely one to search for one night stands. Cancerians love relationships and like nothing more than sharing a deep, meaningful bond with someone. Their best match is usually with Taurus who also values emotional connections above all else. These two usually have the best dates at home watching old movies and love building a house together. Cancers usually take others’ words very seriously and even a flippant remark can hurt them. For this reason, they stay away from outspoken Leos who don’t realize how much damage a thoughtless word can inflict in a sensitive Cancer.


A Leo can usually be spotted a mile away. They’re the ones at the center of everyone’s attention, the one who has a dozen suitors lined up for them and the one who can disarm you with the most engaging smile. Leos rarely ever go through a dry spell which is great for them because this is an incredibly passionate sign. Their drive to be the best at everything can make them an incredibly attentive lover, just as long as you appreciate their skills too. They love everything luxurious, but they’re usually just as happy to give gifts than to receive them. Leo’s biggest stumbling block can be their pride, which rarely allows them to accept their mistakes. The Leo would prefer to go days without talking rather than utter an apology. They are most suited to Aries partners who are just as passionate as they are. Aries and Leos will have the most explosive arguments but also show each other grandiose gestures of love. Many Leos though cannot stand to be in the same room as a Scorpio. They scoff at Scorpio’s intensity and delusions of grandeur while Scorpions in turn refuse to give in to a Leo.


The most orderly of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgos are happiest when everything is fitted into place and they have completed everything on their to-do list. Virgos apply this same desire for perfection to their love life, often with failed results. They tend to be overly critical of their partner’s flaws and be impatient with their efforts to improve. Once a Virgo is in a steady relationship however, they will always place it at the top of their (color coded and bullet pointed) priority list. Incorrectly perceived by many to be virginal and chaste, Virgos can be extremely attentive partners. They tend to place greater importance on intimacy and go to great lengths to create a romantic atmosphere. The intense emotional connection Scorpios need matches perfectly with the Virgos’ own desire for the same. The ordered Virgo will keep the fast-paced Scorpion in check, while the overt sexuality of Scorpio will help draw out a reserved Virgo. Virgos usually turn their noses up to Sagittarius however, whom they find to be too flighty and not intellectual enough for them.


Libras are usually the first to step into a conflict and help all parties reach a solution. They are well known for their tact and excel in areas which require diplomacy. They are usually great to go on dates with because their curiosity to know everything about the people around them will make you seem interesting to them. Librans usually actively seek out relationships because they were never meant to be solitary creatures. A lonely Libra can sink into lethargy and boredom unless someone comes along to keep them company. They place intellect far above passion and will rarely be motivated to seek a relationship just for the physicality of it. Libras and Gemini are a match made in astrological heaven. They are both excellent conversationalists and stimulate each other mentally. The stable Libra also helps flighty Geminis to land back on the ground again and face reality. Libras will rarely ever match with a Virgo though. They find Virgos to be too unimaginative and frankly, boring.


A Scorpio might seem tough and callous on the outside, but don’t let their exterior fool you. Inside, most Scorpions are sensitive, craving for love and attention. ‘Intense’ is the word most commonly associated with Scorpios and with good reason. When a Scorpio gets an idea in their head, they usually focus solely on it, completely oblivious to everything around them. They’re also the most revengeful of all the signs. Your Scorpio friend will probably still remember that day in second grade you broke their pencil and continues to think of ways to get back at you. Scorpios are virtually the embodiment of sex. They’re extremely lustful, passionate creatures who can be quite aggressive in bed. Scorpio and Pisces, the two most emotional signs of the zodiac, are also perfect matches for each other. They understand each other intuitively and their relationship is based on a shared understanding of each other’s needs. They try to stay away from Aries though, whom they find too tiring and superficial.


There’s nothing a Sagittarius dislikes than staying in one place for too long. The wanderlust within a Sagittarius’ soul propels them to travel to new places and constantly search for new things to do. They usually adapt to new environments and cultures very easily and rarely feel homesick. In relationships, a Sagittarius is only willing to commit to a partner who gives them all their freedom and doesn’t make too many demands on their time. There’s nothing a Sagittarius fears more than boredom, so for them to fall in love with you, you need to be the most engaging person in the room. They also get bored of routine very easily, so you will constantly have to find new ways to spend your dates and new moves to show off in bed. Aquarius identifies with their need to keep moving and will never desire to tie them down. They are both equally adventurous and open-minded, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in their relationship. A grounded, home-centric Taurus however, is the last person Sagittarius will ever want to be with.


Capricorns usually know early on what their goals in life are and spend the rest of their time working toward it. They rarely ever miss out on their ambitions as they have all the skills and hard work required to attain them. They might initially seem aloof, but that’s only because Capricorns are too scared to get hurt. Once they let down their walls and forge a connection with someone, they put in all the work required to ensure that the relationship succeeds. Capricorn places sexual intimacy almost on the same level as an emotional connection. They find it impossible to sacrifice one for the other, and so demand both in a relationship. They work very well with Virgos who are just as focused and orderly as they are. They might even meet in a stationery shop, stocking up on day planners. Capricorns however, can never get along with a Gemini. Try as they might, they can never understand Gemini’s carefree, impulsive attitude.


Your activist friend who is always standing up for a cause and voicing their opinion on injustices is probably an Aquarius. Aquarians are highly intelligent and are keenly aware of inequalities in the world. They’re more observant of injustice than most and will do everything in their power to right a wrong. This attitude of theirs causes many to think of them as idealistic, but to an Aquarius, there’s nothing more important than justice in the world. Their responsive attitudes also make them adventurous and enthusiastic bedfellows, and they’re always keen to give back as much as they get. The justice-loving Aquarius matches perfectly with Libra’s own desire for equality. Libras will never dismiss their ideas and will always help them draw placards to join in a protest. Cancerians though, will never be able to gel well with Aquarius. Cancer will never understand why Aquarius cares more about children in underdeveloped countries than their own needs.


One of the most creative signs of the zodiac, Pisces is extremely talented, artistic and spontaneous. They usually have an unwavering belief that they can achieve their dreams and they will never get lost in the competitiveness of the rat race. This strong faith that Pisceans have can also be their downfall. When things don’t work out as expected, they feel like the ground under them has shifted and they lose all hope. Their soulful, creative side is also on full display in the bedroom, with Pisceans game for almost anything their partner wants to try out. While on the face of it, the dreamy Pisces and focused Capricorns can seem poles apart, in this particular case, opposites attract. Both appreciate each other’s goals and most importantly, Capricorn can pull Pisces back up when they feel dejected. The usually messy, disorganized Pisces, will usually find it hardest to live with a Virgo as the Virgo absolutely detests anything being out of place.

12 Things To Never Say “I’m Sorry” For

Today’s world appears to have more people criticizing others than ever, with some people actually spending the majority of their time critiquing how others live. However, you don’t have to give away your power to others. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your lifestyle, your choices, or who you choose to spend time with.
At the end of the day, if you feel happy and love the life you live, that’s all that truly matters. If you live according to your truth, you don’t have to feel ashamed or apologize to anyone. Other people don’t get to dictate how you live your life, so don’t ever say “I’m sorry” for the following things.



Somehow, making your own heart happy got twisted into a selfish, egotistical, entitled idea. In reality, no one else can ever offer the happiness that you can give to yourself, so it only makes sense to make your own fulfillment a priority.
If you have taken your life into your own hands instead of waiting on others to teach you how to live it, then you already have mastered an important aspect of self-development. We all have 100% responsibility for how we choose to live our lives, and only by putting our needs first can we ever attempt to then help others in need, too. After all, how can we help others if we don’t first address how to help ourselves?


Wanting more in life does not make you ungrateful or spoiled; it makes you ambitious. It means you have goals and dreams, and want to fulfill them while you still can. It means you don’t settle for less than you know you’re capable of. Others might view you as just an unrealistic dreamer who will never truly find happiness, but it doesn’t matter what others think in the end.
You can express gratitude about what you’ve been blessed with while still aspiring for more in life, so don’t ever feel bad about having big dreams. Go after them with all your heart, and the universe will surprise you in ways you never imagined.


In this fast-paced world, most of us spend so much time caring for others and attending to their needs that we forget about our own. However, if we don’t fill up our own cup, how can we ever expect to have any left for others?
Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary for our health. Don’t ever apologize for turning down an invitation or saying no to someone in order to look after yourself. Whether you book a 5-star vacation or an afternoon at the spa, you should always come first in your life and should never feel bad for taking some “me-time.”


Again, no one else can decide for you who to date. No one can determine if you like girls, guys, or both but you, so don’t let anyone else make you feel ashamed for who you engage in romantic relationships with. As long as you truly love and care for the person, then feel free to date whoever you’d like. We all are one, after all, and love lives within all of us. If someone expresses concern with who you date or simply doesn’t agree, then they don’t deserve a spot in your life. Period.


Unfortunately, emotion-shaming is now a real thing. We perform like robots in much of society, expected to obey and not express how we feel. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t express yourself. Of course, you probably shouldn’t get angry with your boss right before he gives you a promotion, for instance, but overall, we live in a very stifled society where people don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves. There’s a time and place for every emotion, but don’t ever feel ashamed for how you feel in any given moment.


As long as you feel emotionally and mentally satisfied with your job, then don’t ever say “I’m sorry” for it. No matter if you make billions or hundreds a year, the dollar amount doesn’t matter if you don’t feel happy with your vocation. Anything that makes you feel fulfilled while also helping you to keep food on the table is enough, so don’t let anyone let you feel like it isn’t.


In a world where people constantly tell us to “expect the best but prepare for the worst,” keeping our heads up can seem quite challenging. However, many scientists and researchers around the globe have recognized the many benefits of positive thinking, including decreased stress, a longer life span, greater creativity, and more.
Staying positive in hard times can make us more resilient and better able to deal with challenges. So, to all the Debby downers out there who love to rain on your parade, don’t let them!


Some people love to bring up all the mistakes you made in the past, but if they do, just remember this. While they sat there criticizing you and your life, you had experiences and learned from them. At the end of our lives, we will only have our experiences and memories to go on, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your past. We live and learn, and our past does not have to define us.


People love to tell others how to eat and what will make them feel best, but at the end of the day, it’s your body. Just as you shouldn’t tell others how to eat, don’t let them dictate your eating habits, either. From vegans to meat-eaters, everyone thinks they know the optimal diet for humans, but in reality, only you can decide what feels right to you, not anyone else.


Wanting more in life does not make you ungrateful or spoiled; it makes you ambitious. It means you have goals and dreams, and want to fulfill them while you still can. It means you don’t settle for less than you know you’re capable of. Others might view you as just an unrealistic dreamer who will never truly find happiness, but it doesn’t matter what others think in the end.
You can express gratitude about what you’ve been blessed with while still aspiring for more in life, so don’t ever feel bad about having big dreams. Go after them with all your heart, and the universe will surprise you in ways you never imagined.


Others like to nitpick every aspect about people’s lives in today’s world, so much so that people actually feel guilty about how they choose to live. Just live in your truth and don’t mind what others say; remember, if anyone feels threatened by how you live your life, they might actually be jealous of you. Sometimes, people feel so uncomfortable and dissatisfied with their own lives that they must bash others in order to make themselves feel better.
If you want to homeschool your children, live off-the-grid, eat only from your own garden, let food be your medicine, and teach your children peace and love instead of what’s on television, don’t apologize. Everyone deserves to live the life they want without feeling remorseful for simply following their hearts.
You can still respect someone without agreeing with them. You can remain civil and respectful without agreeing, also. If you have an opinion, don’t hesitate to express it, even if it doesn’t seem like the “popular” choice. The world will never change if we keep our opinions to ourselves, because oftentimes, the best ideas come from opinions and viewpoints. Source

Waiting For Mr Right

Don’t get me wrong – I am completely comfortable being single but there are some things I do miss about being in a relationship… I miss having someone around who can make me smile… someone who makes me feel wanted and appreciated… Someone who can’t start their day without calling or texting me and ends every evening with a goodnight phone call every night we spend apart… I’m comfortable being who I am, and one day I want to find someone who sees my flaws and embraces them… someone who accepts me with my imperfections… someone who loves me in my madness and finds fun in the silly things I do. I’m looking forward to finding the person who enjoys being with me… someone who I don’t have to pretend with, the one special person I can just be myself with… But until I find him, I’ll wait patiently… I’m not in a rush, I know perfection takes time and I like to think GOD is taking extra time to find me someone special… Because I’m looking for someone who balances me… matches me… and most importantly – someone who’s up for all my craziness! I’m looking forward to meeting you, whoever you are… you’re the one whose hands fits perfectly into mine and who will never leave me for someone else… You’ll be my best friend, my soulmate and my guide through life too… You’re going to be the one who makes me the best version of me…..Neena Gupta

The Saddest End To A Relationship

The saddest end to a relationship is one where you have to break up with somebody when you’re still in love with them. It sounds bizarre but it happens, because the truth is, as powerful and as thrilling and as wonderful as it may be, love isn’t always enough and to be in love doesn’t always mean you’re happy. You can continue to love someone even after they’ve hurt you, but you know deep inside yourself that it won’t ever be the same again.

Is This A Rabbit Or A Duck? The Answer To This Optical Illusion Reveals A Lot About You

MORE than 100 years after it was first created, this image is once again sparking a huge reaction after being shared on social media.


What you see (and how fast you see it) could indicate how quickly your brain works – and how creative you are. The duck-rabbit drawing was first used by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow in 1899 to make the point that perception is not only what one sees but also a mental activity.

Mr Jastrow’s research was based on how quickly one can see the second animal and how fast participants could change their perception of the drawing to switch between the two animals. The faster you can do this this, the quicker your brain works and the more creative you are, the research suggested.

Most see the duck first, but what does it mean? Well, if you’re able to flip between both images, then it’s said you’re a creative person. The moment you flip between a duck and the rabbit induces a small flash of creative insight in the brain, meaning you see the world in a variety of ways.

One more interesting thing is that at different times during the year, the result of the test seem to change. During the Easter period, people are more likely to see a rabbit first but in October, seeing the duck first is more common.

Choose One Sugar Skull To See What It Reveals About Your Personality.

Our choices are not random. We do not pick things accidentally. Our choices are governed by the kind of people we are and usually what we pick, even unknowingly, is decided by the kind of personalities we have. The truth of the mater is that our choices reveal a lot about our personality traits, and nothing about our selections are random.

Here, for example, we have 10 sugar skulls, all of the different kinds. Go ahead and pick a skull which attracts you the most and we will reveal why you made that choice. Go ahead, give it a shot!


If this skull was your choice then chances are that you are a person with simple yet elegant tastes. The skull, above, is minimally decorated and has flowers placed as a wreath. The eyes are glowing red which indicates passion. You are, therefore, someone who is passionately attracted towards the beautiful things in life but you are not impressed by complexity. Your thoughts, as well as your actions, are sophisticated but never complex, which makes you an ideal mix of simple living and higher thinking.


If this skull was your choice then chances are that you are a person deeply affected by nature. You like things in their natural form be it beauty or anything else. The skull shows the sun surrounded by leaves, which indicates a nurturing nature. You are, therefore, the kind of person who likes to care for others, provide help to those who need it and you like helping people grow in life. You accept people as they are, without judging them, as that is the way nature made them.


If this is the skull you chose, then chances are that you are a person who is extremely detail oriented. The skull is delicately decorated with fine designs and intricately painted. Your choice reveals that you, too, are someone who pays attention to the finer details of life and loves the intricacy of thoughts. You are driven towards the finer things in life and appreciate the beauty of creating something which is so finely detailed. You are the sort of person who moves towards perfectionism with every step and you do it in a style of your own.


If this is the skull you picked, then chances are that you are a person who is highly attracted by the primitive side of humans. This skull is indicative of ancient knowledge, and your choice reveals that you love the true nature of humans. You like it when people are real with you and don’t sugarcoat things just to please you. You prefer honesty, straightforwardness, and blunt nature of people because that, at least, shows you their true sides. You hate people who lie and deceive as you would rather have people who speak the harsh reality than sugarcoat a lie.


If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person with a colorful personality. You like being out and open about who you are and you express yourself as honestly as you can. Your choice reveals that your true nature is free and wild, just like the image depicted on the skull, and you are always honest about who you are as a person. It doesn’t matter if others accept you or not, it is their problem. You simply look ahead in life perfecting yourself as you go. You are not the one to doubt yourself, your self-belief is what drives you on.


If this was the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person deep in touch with your soul. Your spirituality is what sets you apart from the rest and your soul is what pushes you on. The skull above has a cross on its head, which does not mean that you are religious (you may be religious as well) but that you are influenced by your inner-voice. Your understanding of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses comes from a deeper understanding of your own thoughts. Not a lot of people understand the mysterious ways in which their souls speak to them but you know when it speaks and you know how to pay attention to your inner voice. This is not only a rare quality but also one which is difficult to attain.


If this is the skull you chose, then chances are that you are a person who stands out in a crowd without even trying. This is the only skull in the list which has a mustache and it stands out distinctly. Your choice, therefore, reveals that you are someone who does not have to put in an effort to be different, you already are. Be it your choices, your attitude, or your general approach towards your life, you are not the one to conform to what others expect of you. You would always make choices, even unknowingly, that will be different from others but unique in its own way. Being different is difficult in a world which does not appreciate uniqueness but you still stand tall and proud of how uniquely different you are.


If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person with a spark in your soul. You are someone who is driven by the beauty of thoughts and not of the body. The skull, above, shows a diamond on the forehead. Your choice, therefore, means that you are someone who appreciates a deep conversation and a meaningful talk. It’s the way people think that fascinates you and you are always more interested in the reason behind people’s behavior than the behavior itself. If there’s something you truly appreciate, it is the beauty of the mind and that is why you accept only those who are true in their thoughts and pure in their actions. You, therefore, choose the people who are as understanding and sorted as you yourself are.


If this is the image you chose then chances are that you are a person who is creative, sophisticated, and someone who thinks outside the box. The skull shows a spark in the eyes and is covered with designs which have been intricately painted. Your choice, therefore, reveals that there is a spark hidden in you, ready to burst into flames and your creative spirit is what will guide this flame to create something extraordinary. Your soul and your mind are one in the creation and it is when you unleash your creative side that the world stops to look at you in awe!


If this is the skull you chose then chances are that you are a person who has multiple tastes and is multidimensional in personality.
The skull, above, shows a mix of spirituality, nature, and color fusing together to create beauty. Your choice, therefore, reveals that you are the kind of person who can understand and manage multiple aspects of your life with equal ease and yet live in a way which is appreciated by others. You can adapt to any situation because your personality has multiple sides to it and yet you always remain yourself because that’s just who you are, by nature.
This is what your choice brings out about your personality and each of these traits mean something to some people more than they mean to others. We are often attracted towards our own kind of people and our choices, here, were no different. It is also true that our choices vary with time and situations but overall, our personality traits do not change much and they truly reveal what we have in our minds.

What You Notice First in These Pictures May Tell You a Lot about Your Current Situation!

Personality quizzes can be super fun, but they are like a shot of tequila and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Personality quizzes are always fun to do, but sometimes the results don’t exactly come out our way. That’s why we need to be prepared for having them with a pinch of salt.
Psychologists suggest the face that you see first in this image hints at some changes you may expect shortly.


If you’re a girl and see a girl’s face first, you might consider getting ready for happy and positive events in the future. The girl is looking upwards, and you too similarly are looking at the skies with hope in your heart and positivity all around. Being a girl and seeing a girl’s face also shows you’re content with who you are and at peace with your individuality. It is a sign of confidence.

If you’re a boy and see a girl’s face, you’re fixated on the opposite gender. You tend to be affected too much by what they have to say. And currently, there might be some women in your life that are causing you happiness or distress. And you’re looking too desperately for validation by them. It’s time you accept yourself as you are, relax and move on. It’s most likely they’re not going anywhere. Your future, however, holds great prospects and professional successes. Focusing on things that matter might just be a good idea right now.


If you’re a girl and see a guy’s face, it symbolizes your want for a partner, or the coming of your prince charming soon or maybe your connection with a prince charming you’ve already found. They are occupying quite a bit of your mind, and that’s good. Since the guy’s face shows changes in love life and healthy changes that you need.

If you’re a guy and see a guy’s face, you might be concerned about some guy at work, family, or even your sports team. It can be a good or a bad concern, but that guy can be on your mind, especially when you’re going to sleep. It’s time to put that to rest since it’s just something that will pass and you need not spend more time on it.

What You See First In This Picture Reveals Much About Your Current Life Situation.

This test is an optical illusion, all you need to do is to look at the picture and memorize what you’ve seen first. This image can tell you a lot about your current life situation.


This image is closely associated with freedom: birds, and the village itself. You are a free and independent person.

Disadvantages of your freedom:

You are a boat, and shore is a life. You are not tied to the shore, and you can easily get lost. You do not know the boundaries between allowed and forbidden. Such attitude can lead to conflicts and even divorces. After all, most people do not understand the wisdom of a free person. Such free spirits often become lonely in life. But the world needs them!

Advantages of your freedom:

You are a unique person — an amazing and talented one. You are an interesting for other people and they want to spend time with you. You can feel people and also you are a great listener. You are an extraordinary person, and you can choose what exactly you would like to do in your life. You can overcome any difficulty if you believe in yourself. So do it!


It means that now you feel you need to be protected. You need someone who will cover you like this elephant covers the huts. It is a period in your life you feel insecure.

You are a kind, honest, humble, sincere, and generous person. Unfortunately, you are experiencing hard times. Now your inner voice shouts quietly to you, that it’s time to move on. Shake off all the dust and dark thoughts and continue to live, create, smile, speak, scream, love and forgive.

Each time you feel you are too scared to move on, remember this elephant. It will help you to calm down!

Personality Test: What Is The One Thing Holding You Back From Love.

Your personality is a combination of your opinion about things, how this opinion makes you feel and the way you react depending on your opinion. Because this reaction can make you difficult to handle situations, it is important to really understand who you are, how you think, how you feel, and whether your behavior is in harmony with your personality.

Perhaps it’s really easy to find out who else is, but when it comes to you, you may need a lifetime. With this test you will discover which are your biggest weaknesses in love and how they destroy your love life.

All you have to do is look at the picture and pay attention to the first thing you noticed. In the following, read what this means.


If the tied person is the first thing you noticed, your personality is constantly in conflict. This does not necessarily mean that you are literally in conflict with the whole world around you. In a way, you are constantly waging war with yourself. So if you want to find real love with someone, you must first find love in you. It is hard for you to accept yourself, as well as to accept your strengths and weaknesses, and everything between them. The battle for inner peace is not easy, but sometimes you deserve rest from all those conflicts. Respect for your hard work, do not be strict to yourself, accept and love will come.


If you notice the fence, your biggest weakness is that you are closing in front of everyone. This does not mean that there is no hope for you or that your heart is more harmful than others. But if you do not risk and open your heart soon, you can omit the possibility of true love. It is natural and natural to try to protect yourself if you previously hurt, but if you are constantly building walls, not only do not let anyone in, but you can not go out. It’s easy to put a shield, but it can be really hard to lower it. So start with small steps. Get to know people and get up at a pace that suits you. If you do not take risks, you will not get anything.


Your problem is that you set such high standards that almost no one on earth can reach them. It’s important to know what you want in love and not to satisfy yourself with less than you deserve, but when you are too strict, you can drop a person who has many other qualities that you do not want to see. It’s not wrong to want a family, an incredible career, and a partner who loves the same things as you, but when you are too specific in your requirements, you lose touch with reality and what represents love. Of course, stick to your dreams and set yourself high standards for people who are potential partners. But keep in mind that this perfect fantasy can prevent you from finding the love you need to experience.


If the first thing you noticed is the skull, your care and anxiety are the ones that ruin your love affair. You may have anxiety, or just worry too much. But in any case, excessive vigilance does not allow you to see the beauty of life. This includes your soul mate who may be standing next to you. It’s okay to be careful, but when it comes to love, you’ll lose a lot if you care about all the things that can go wrong. There will always be things that will scare you, but this should not stop you from living your life. Also, you should not hide your fears from your partner. In fact, when you are honest with him, you can get closer even more.