Waiting For Mr Right

Don’t get me wrong – I am completely comfortable being single but there are some things I do miss about being in a relationship… I miss having someone around who can make me smile… someone who makes me feel wanted and appreciated… Someone who can’t start their day without calling or texting me and ends every evening with a goodnight phone call every night we spend apart… I’m comfortable being who I am, and one day I want to find someone who sees my flaws and embraces them… someone who accepts me with my imperfections… someone who loves me in my madness and finds fun in the silly things I do. I’m looking forward to finding the person who enjoys being with me… someone who I don’t have to pretend with, the one special person I can just be myself with… But until I find him, I’ll wait patiently… I’m not in a rush, I know perfection takes time and I like to think GOD is taking extra time to find me someone special… Because I’m looking for someone who balances me… matches me… and most importantly – someone who’s up for all my craziness! I’m looking forward to meeting you, whoever you are… you’re the one whose hands fits perfectly into mine and who will never leave me for someone else… You’ll be my best friend, my soulmate and my guide through life too… You’re going to be the one who makes me the best version of me…..Neena Gupta