The Tough Life Of Pattie Mallette

We are sure you didn’t know these details of about the life of one of the most famous stars in the world. His mom had to go down a very harsh road, but today she is so proud of her son.

“My childhood was dominated by s**ual abuse and violence, I was first molested around age 3. My offenders include a male babysitter, the grandfather of one of my friends, and neighborhood children reportedly mature beyond their years. I was s**ually violated so many times that as the years went by it began to feel normal”
, says Justin Bieber`s mother.

The downside in his mother’s childhood

Pattie Mallette, a Canadian screenwriter and film producer in her forties, is also the mother of Justin Bieber and oversaw his early musical endeavors.

Pattie gave birth to Justin when she was 17 and emotionally upset because she was still single.

Quoting Mallette, “My childhood was dominated by s**ual abuse and violence, I was first molested around age 3. My offenders include a male babysitter, the grandfather of one of my friends, and neighborhood children reportedly mature beyond their years. I was sexually violated so many times that as the years went by it began to feel normal. It`s a strange marriage knowing something is wrong yet at the same time finding it familiar and commonplace.”

She started using booze, pot, and acid at the tender age of 14. Also, she began stealing from stores. They expelled her after she set a fire in a school bathroom, committing an act of vandalism. She started dating Jeremy Bieber when she was 15 years old, and the couple stayed together for four years. At the age of 16, she ran away from home and has since survived by a combination of petty stealing and drug selling. She felt alone, depressed, and suicidal throughout this period. A suicide attempt at age 17 landed her in a psychiatric hospital. There, she had a conversion to Christianity.

After Mallette got out of the hospital, she tried to reconnect with old acquaintances who didn’t share her newfound religion. And she’s been talking to Jeremy Bieber again. A pregnancy occurred six months later. On March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, Mallette gave birth to her son, Justin. Mallette and Jeremy Bieber continued their relationship for a while after the birth of their son, but eventually broke up.

After two years of exhibiting interest in music, Mallette supported her son’s abilities. She enrolled Justin, then a teenager, in the 2007 Stratford Star talent show, where he sang “So Sick” by Ne-Yo and placed second. A video of the performance was uploaded by Mallette on YouTube for her family and friends to watch, and she continued to do so for following performances as her son gained notoriety on the internet.

Her autobiography, titled “Nowhere but Up,” was published by the Christian publishing house Revell in September of 2012. The book details Mallette’s difficult upbringing and her journey to overcome abandonment and single parenting to build a strong faith and a life full of grace and optimism.

On the New York Times Best Seller list it debuted at position number seventeen. The book has been reviewed in numerous publications from all over the world.

While Justin did not have a traditional family upbringing, he was assured by his mother that he would be able to provide the same for his own children.

“Ghost Boy” Wakes Up From A Coma After 12 Years… Then He Revealed This Spine-Chilling Secret

Just try to imagine what happens when we die. Just by the thought of it, it can become very frightening. That is the exact reason why we want to hear fairytales that make us think about the magic and beauty we have here on earth.

When someone is suffering for a long time it’s very hard for them, but also it’s horrible time for the family members too. Sometimes it’s easy to lose hope and think it’s better to let go than to cling to that pain…

One of a kind story is Martin Pistorius from South Africa who was 12-years-old when it happened. He suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with a degenerative illness, leaving him in a vegetative state.

For 12 hard and long years, Pistorius was trapped inside his own body.

He thinks he woke up around when he was 14-15 years old, a couple of years later when it happened, but everyone around him though he was unconscious of the perception around him. His mother said once that she wished he was dead, and he heard all that, but he knew she was heartbroken seeing her son lay there in vegetative state, silently suffering on the inside…

In the following powerful NBC interview, we learn what life was like for Pistorius, trapped with his thoughts for over a decade.

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5 Secret Facts About Kissing!

A first kiss, a kiss that rises Sleeping Beauty, a kiss to save Snow White from her death, a mother’s kiss on the forehead before sleep… kisses are what keep our hearts pumping. They are the most universal expression of love and affection.

There are so many forms of kissing as well, to show the different ways a person can love another person. Kissing is an intimate way of expressing passion and the most beautiful way to make someone feel special and worthy.

Presenting today as an interesting read for you – 5 secret facts about kissing that rarely which one of you readers already knew.

1. The authenticity of the French kiss

Before the intimate and passionate kiss between two lovers celebrated as a “French kiss”, it was known as “maraichanage” – also a French name. this word has roots in Brittany, a region in France. The names were replaced after the First World War, when American and also, British soldiers came back safe and sound from the war and the serving in France, welcomed by the passionate kiss from their partners home.

2. The Lengthiest Kiss

A couple from Thailand are the Guinness World Recorders in performing the longest, or, the lengthiest kiss in the world history. They were kissing for exactly 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. The loving couple Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat broke the old record in the 2013, and their record is still not broken!

3. Longest kiss recorded “on-screen”

This movie kiss only lengths for about 3 minutes and 24 seconds and it is contained in the movie “Elena Undone”, recorded in the 2010. The kiss is between two girls!

4. Phobia of kissing

as there are many phobias or things that people are commonly scared of, there’s also a fear of kissing! To be more exact, these people are afraid from “the idea of kissing”. The fear itself is called “Philemaphobia”, and it originates in the Greek language, from the word “Philema” that means kissing. The fear generally stems from the fear of exchanging germs and other bacteria.

5. Menstrual cycle can affect kissing!

Yes, you read this well! because we are expressing passion and endorsing hormonal changes in our bodies, kissing while having menstruation can affect the process of kissing. Especially how the kiss is expressed or felt from the woman’s side.

The study shows that this is “due to the alteration of hormonal levels in the body which results in various functions being reworked, which include the re-configuration of saliva”. Basically, this says that the partner “will taste and smell” a woman differently when she’s in her period!

What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says about Your Relationship

The things we use subconsciously can say a lot about us. For instance, when we sleep, the sleeping position and the dreams can say a lot about us. Moreover, if you sleep with your partner, the most usual sleeping position you have can indicate what kind of relationship you have. Hence, we decided to list the most common couple sleeping positions and their meaning. Take a look and learn something new about you and your relationship.


This is a common couple sleeping position. It either indicates that one person is in pursuit of the other or that one partner does not feel like being in a close relationship, while the other one insists. The name itself indicates the meaning of this sleep position.


There is a lot of intimacy going on in this sleeping position. That’s why it is extremely rare! It is typical at the beginning of a romantic relationship. It indicates that the partners are too dependent on each other to sleep apart.


This position starts with the tangle position but unravels after a couple of minutes. It shows that the relationship is strong and there is independence between the partners.


This isn’t a common sleep position, but partners who sleep in this position are usually very protective over each other.


This sleeping position is a sign a mature relationship. Although it is less sexual position than classical spooning, it is a sign of a serious and healthy relationship.


This sleeping position is quite common and shows connection and security.


This sleeping position is a sign of a relaxed and comfortable relationship.


This sleeping position creates a sense of protection, nurturing and strengthening of the relationship.


The partner who intertwines their legs shows that they crave an emotional or sexual connection. It is a good sleeping position as it indicates harmony between the partners.


This isn’t a good sleeping position for partners as it shows that the partner is selfish and dominant. This type of relationship is toxic and should be ended as soon as possible.

12 Signs He Is Not In Love With You

I just want to share to you this post that I read from the internet especially to those women out there who are experiencing these signs at some point in their relationship.

Girls/women can post comments if you have experienced some of the signs and share how you feel and what you do about it.

Boys/men out there, you can write comment if you agree that if you did that sign it only shows that you are not really in to that someone or comment if you have any violent reaction.

Want to know whether he is in love with you or you’re just convenient. Then follow these signs. You will get your answers

1. He never opens up emotionally

Without the pure feeling of love, one can’t open up to someone. Boys only consider tearing their heart out of someone they share their soul with.

2. He only seems close when he wants s3x

S3x is something that can totally change a man’s behavior which is why he acts all cute and sweet when he is craving for some wild fun.

3. He keeps in touch with his ex(s)

A man with no emotions towards you can never get over his ex. Because he is not sure about you, therefore, he keeps a backup. And you don’t need any other signs to know that he is just a jerk who is playing around with you.

4. You sometimes feel like a stranger around him

You can never feel that warmth and concern around a person who has got no interest in you or your love. Just your body is making him stick around.

5. He only knows you on a surface level

He never struggles to explore you when he just considers you convenient. Your man has no love feelings towards you. Note these signs.

6. He always walks away from an argument

Because he thinks you’re just convenient and it is useless to talk over love things with a person who doesn’t mean anything to him.

7. He never seems to care about where the relationship is going

This relationship, gurl, is like a game for him. He doesn’t give a sh*t about it. What other signs do you need?

8. He never seems concerned about you

He would never try to protect you or show care and love towards you. Because, it’s not his fault, that jerk just doesn’t feel that way.

9. He spends more time with friends than you

Because who would like to spend time with someone who is just convenient for them. Obviously, he would prefer his friends over you

10. He never seems invested in the moment

You know that moment when you arrange a candle light dinner with an extreme love for both of you. And he doesn’t even seem excited? I feel you, gurl.

11. You have never met his family

Have you met his family? No? Well, that’s because he’s not serious enough to admit that he is in a relationship with you. This is because he doesn’t have those deep love feelings for you. You’re just convenient. Accept it!

12. You have just got an overall bad feeling

He never makes you feel special. And at a corner of your heart, you’re all aware that these signs clearly say that he is not your one. But you still struggle through that bad feeling