What guy really want, but don't have the gut to tell you

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”, right? While women mostly discuss their problems, needs and expectations, this is not the case for men.

Also, this is due because they’re more insecure in their life, not always knowing exactly what they want.

So basically, a guy won’t ask for anything because he doesn’t even know that he needs it. But, on the other hand, if you “read his mind” and figure out for some present, surprise or just a small everyday thing, he would appreciate even more, because he will also figure out that “Wow, I really needed that”!

Here are the top five that guys would always appreciate and sincerely love, but’ either don’t know it or don’t have the gut to admit it:

When a girl asks for their advice

Men have an overwhelming need to feel they’ve achieved something that matters. To feel useful. To “make the day count”. This doesn’t only regard to their work.

Adding a part of his mind into his partner’s life is also very important to a man. Whether is advice on clothing, what to eat, work related… what matters is that he feels more connected and relevant to his partner.

On the other hand, men are great at advices because they’re solution-oriented and want to fix things. Also, men are “strict to the point” oriented as well, so getting advice from them would be a really good thing to ask for.


Getting a compliment I something every man definitely wants, but will never admit it, because they think that their masculinity will decrease significantly in the eyes of their partner.

Maybe not as equal as women do, but man feel insecure about their looks and how stuff look on them as well. They’re human beings as well!

They work out to look good, they cut their hair and beard even more frequently than a women goes at the hairdresser’s saloon, but they will never come in the open and say that their partner never appreciates the effort they’re doing to look the way they look.

When women explain their needs, but in a way that makes them feel good

If a man loves his woman, he would definitely do anything to make her feel good. Even more, if a man doesn’t think he can make his woman feel happy, he will probably want to stop the relationship.

So if a woman isn’t satisfied with a gift for her birthday, or by how the things in the bedroom are developing, or anything else, instead of keeping silent and feeling repressed, leaving the “elephant in the room”, a woman should find a way to discuss with her man and explain things in a smooth way.

Men’s pride is something which doesn’t cure if it’s hurt. Also, if a woman starts “lecturing” instead of talking, it’s a definit go-go sign for the man, because he feels as a child instead of as a man.


Even though man seem stubborn and would do anything that comes on their mind, they’re also in need of a helping hand and support on their way.

And since they can’t handle failure so well, they definitely need to feel support so they wouldn’t fear of failure like it’s the last thing in Earth. When a woman is proud and supporting, the man feel like doing more and more, but when she’s disappointed – he tends to make the same mistakes out of feeling worthless or angry. That’s really not good for the relationship.

Desiring him

The ultimate driving force of a man – knowing his woman is sexually satisfied from him. Speaking from evolutionary aspect – the male in every species has this characteristic. Though in some species, women fight for their men, and in the world of humans, it’s the opposite way. There is no bigger turn on for man than seeing his woman turned on for him!

This Father Raised a Doctor with Down Syndrome and Proves that Love Makes Everything Possible

We thought our readers might enjoy this story about a family from Syria who proved there’s nothing better than selfless love.

It’s a massive misconception that people with Down syndrome can’t live entire, productive lives.

One misconception about people with Down syndrome is that they can’t have kids. Women with Down can have kids just fine, and men might be able to father a child if they’re lucky. Despite having Down syndrome, Jad Issa wasn’t just a dad; he also raised his child to be a doctor.

When Sader was born, he was treated just like any other kid in a home. Sader says he felt very loved as a child, and his dad would spend time with him wrestling, thumb wrestling, and other games. People around the family also supported them and accepted them.

She doesn’t have a genetic disorder, so it hasn’t affected their relationship. Additionally, Jad has supported his family through thick and thin. During the last 25 years, he worked six days a week at a wheat factory to support his family. Since day one, he has encouraged Sader to succeed!

Jad is on track to become a dentist, one of the best and most lucrative careers in Syria. Jad’s dad, who put him through school, is thrilled. His favorite thing to say is, “My son is a doctor!”.

While talking about his parents’ relationship, Sader told us that they still love each other despite being together for decades, like they just got married. Their needs match perfectly. Walking together is their favorite activity, or just chatting for hours.

Sader gives credit for his father’s success and says he is as proud of him as his dad. When they’re free, the inspiring duo likes to watch movies together.

74 Years Ago, She Was Kicked Out For Loving A Black Man–Today, Their Love Still Lives

The love story of Mary and Jake puts Romeo and Juliet to shame. They met in the 1940s and fell in love. But mixed-race couples were not accepted at the time. It was their love versus the world. However, they never gave up. They got married and got to live to see an age where their relationship was celebrated. Sadly, they have both passed away, with Mary reuniting with Jake in the afterlife in July 2020 [1].

Forbidden Love

The couple met during World War II when Jake was serving in the United Kingdom. He was originally from Trinidad and Mary was living in Britain. In an interview in 2016, Mary explained,

“I met Jake when he came over during the war from Trinidad, as part of the American forces stationed at the Burtonwood base near my home in Lancashire. We were at the same technical college. I was having typing and shorthand lessons and he’d been sent there for training by the Air Force. He was with a group of Black friends and they called my friend and me over to talk. We didn’t even know they spoke English, but Jake and I got chatting. He quoted Shakespeare to me, which I loved.” [2]

A few weeks later, Mary and her friend joined Jake and his group on a picnic. However, a woman biked past them and she was shocked two see the interracial group. She told Mary’s father and he banned her from seeing Jake.

When the war ended in 1945, Jake had to return to Trinidad. They frequently sent each other letters but it didn’t take long for Jake to feel like he couldn’t be apart from her anymore. Within a few years, he was back in Britain, down on one knee, asking Mary to be his wife. “He asked me to marry him, quite out of the blue, when I was only 19,” Mary said. “When I told my father I was going to marry Jake he said, ‘If you marry that man you will never set foot in this house again.’ He was horrified that I could contemplate marrying a Black man.”


Rejected By Her Family

“My father threw me out, and I left with only one small suitcase to my name. No family came to our register office wedding in 1948,” Mary added. “The first years of our marriage living in Birmingham were hell—I cried every day, and barely ate. No one would speak to us, we couldn’t find anywhere to live because no one would rent to a Black man, and we had no money.”

Strangers would gawk at them in the street. The stress was terrible, and to make matters worse, Mary had a miscarriage at eight months. “It wasn’t related to the stress I was under but it broke my heart, and we never had any more children,” she said. They already had three children at the time, Raymond, Cindy, and Patty. [2] “But gradually life became easier. I got teaching jobs, ending up as a deputy headteacher. First Jake worked in a factory, then for the Post Office.”

The couple began to make a few friends, but it wasn’t easy. “I used to say to new friends: ‘Look, I have to tell you this before I invite you to my home—my husband is Black,'” Mary said.

When her father passed away, Mary was 30. The two managed to reconnect but he never approved her marriage to Jake. But that didn’t stop them.

Wives, mothers and children bid farewell to their families as they evacuate Ukraine

This past week has been highly traumatizing for the people of Ukraine, all of the families being split up and leaving their homes – fleeing to neighboring safe zones. It’s truly heartwrenching to see so many wives, mothers, children, and the elderly, as they bid farewell to their loved ones who have to stay behind in Ukraine while they have to evacuate.

Homes that once sparked with joy are now empty. Streets that bustled with activity are silent. Happy families who were simply living their lives are forced to split and wave goodbye to each other without even knowing if they’d ever meet again or not – it’s genuinely heartbreaking.

More than 100,000 refugees have fleed Ukraine, and the numbers are just increasing as tensions continue to rise in the country. Fathers, husbands, and sons had to say goodbye to their families as they stayed back in Ukraine because of a decree that stated men aged 18-60 stay in Ukraine and defend their land.

Shabia Mantoo, a spokesperson for The UN Refugee Agency, said:

“We believe that some 100,000 people must have already left their homes and may be displaced inside the country, and several thousand have crossed international borders.”

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, said in a statement:

“UNHCR is working with the authorities, UN and other partners in Ukraine and is ready to provide humanitarian assistance wherever necessary and possible. To that effect, security and access for humanitarian efforts must be guaranteed.”

“UNHCR is also working with governments in neighboring countries, calling on them to keep borders open to those seeking safety and protection. We stand ready to support efforts by all to respond to any situation of forced displacement.”

“Accordingly, we have stepped up our operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.”

“We remain firmly committed to support all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region.”

Poland shares a border with Ukraine, and they are welcoming and expecting refugees. Poland’s Interior Minister, Mariusz Kaminski, spoke on the matter:

“There will certainly be a wave of refugees arriving in our country,”

He continued that Poland will take:

“as many as there will be at our borders”

We are at a loss for words at what’s happening in Ukraine, so many devastated families, homes, lives, without any affirmations, and all of their future plans just gone. We hope and pray for the situation in Ukraine to settle, our hearts go out to all of the affected families who are going through so much trauma right now.

Post credit - https://www.relrules.com/

Young Man Invites 89-Year-Old Neighbor To Live With Him So She Is Not Alone in Her Last Days

It’s amazing how one small act of kindness can change someone’s life, and the most unlikely pairs can form the strongest of bonds. Such was the case with then 26-year-old Chris Salvatore and his 84-year-old neighbor Norma Cook. When Salvatore moved into his new apartment in West Hollywood, CA back in 2012, he had no clue that the curious elderly woman staring at him from her kitchen window in the complex’s courtyard would become one of his best friends. After a quick greeting through the screened opening, he asked if he could come inside and say hello. Once Cook agreed, the rest was history.

Cook lived alone with her beloved cat, Hermes, who she immediately introduced to Salvatore. And the two quickly bonded over her favorite champagne and neighborhood gossip. Over the course of their almost five-year friendship, they would share many precious memories. From pizza nights to lunches out on the town, birthday parties, holidays, and endless laughs. Over time, they grew to feel more like family as, for Cook, Salvatore became like “the grandson she never had.” And he too considered her a grandmother.

That’s why, when Cook’s health took a turn for the worse at 89, 31-year-old Salvatore did what any good grandson would do and stepped in to assist with her care. She had been battling leukemia for years, but towards the end of 2016, she became grievously ill and had to spend two months in the hospital fighting pneumonia and breathing complications. With her rapidly deteriorating health, the doctors determined that it would no longer be safe for the elderly woman to live on her own without 24-hour care. So, to help cover her medical expenses and the costs of her in-home care, Salvatore started a GoFundMe which raised more than $50,000. However, with no children of her own or any close relatives nearby, Cook's only other option was to go into a facility.

“I just couldn’t do that to someone who is like my own grandmother,” Salvatore said at the time. Instead, he offered to have his ailing neighbor move in with him. Cook was absolutely thrilled by the invitation, and the transition seemed only natural since he would spend most days visiting her apartment anyway. “My apartment was the only place she would have moved. She has strong opinions about where she wants to carry out the rest of her days, and she wants to stay here,” Salvatore explained about the arrangement. “Moving her in…it feels as though it was meant to be all along. It’s really fulfilling to be there for her.”

Once Cook moved in, bringing along her dear Hermes, they quickly developed a routine. Salvatore would cook for her, and the two would spend time together on the couch watching the news, talking, drinking Champagne, and eating peanuts. Though the doctors had told them it would be a miracle if Cook lived past the holidays, the two were able to share a few more precious months, even ringing in the New Year together.

When Cook finally passed away in February of 2017, Salvatore was heartbroken. But the bond he shared with the elderly woman has stuck with him all these years. “I feel her watching over me and it is a happy feeling,” He expressed at the time of her death. “She is out of pain and in peace, probably drinking a glass of champagne, dancing, reunited with the many friends that she's had throughout her life. I am forever a changed man and I thank this magnificent lady for everything she has taught me.”

Years later, Salvatore added to the sentiment with a post commemorating the four-year anniversary of Cook’s passing in February 2021: “Over the years I have read so many wonderful messages about how inspiring my love for my neighbor Norma was, but what truly inspires me is the great capacity she had to love me. When we choose to love another, so many others feel it too. Beautiful, bountiful, blessings bestowed upon those you never knew.” And the love and care that Salvatore and Cook shared with one another is a truly shining example that just a little kindness really does go a long way.

American Couple Returns Home from Ukraine After Adopting a Boy

A couple from Texas, USA, came back from a turmoil-filled Ukraine a few days ago after going through a lot of hurdles – with a boy they wanted to adopt for over a year. As tensions rose in Ukraine, Americans were told to evacuate as soon as possible; this Texas couple came back with their adopted boy, Ruslan.

Kelci and Theron Jagge saw Ruslan’s photo on Instagram a year ago and instantly fell in love with the boy. He was in an orphanage in Eastern Ukraine. He was born with cerebral palsy. Kelci told FOX 4:

“We saw his picture before we even decided to adopt,”
“We were like, ‘The time is now. There’s no better time.”

When the adoption was being finalized in a tense Ukraine, the couple’s return to America was becoming a problem. At this point, their 4-year-old boy had pneumonia and needed medical care. The couple received an email from the US embassy, and they rushed with their boy.

Theron told FOX 4:

“We were racing against time at this point,”

“We were not able to get a visa for him finalized until after hours the Friday before the embassy was evacuated. So, he got the last visa that the embassy issued before the evacuation.”

After getting Ruslan’s visa process finalized, the couple was still stopped at the airport. Kelci told FOX 4:

“I told them, ‘Look at our son. He’s going to die if you make us wait 30 days. He will not survive 30 days.’ And they did not care,”

The couple, trying to find a way to get their sick boy back to America, hired a lawyer. They were finally able to get back to Texas. Theron told FOX 4:

“It was all the Lord. It was all God,”

“Little things happened along the way that opened up the doors to get us home.”

The couple is back in San Antonio, and little Ruslan is in the ICU receiving medical care. While speaking about the other children who are still in Ruslan’s orphanage, Kelsi told FOX 4:

“I know a lot of people look at us like, ‘Why are you going there? You are crazy.’ Well, if that’s your child and your child was stranded in a war zone you would do anything to get them out,”

Heartbreaking Video Shows Ukrainian Father Saying Goodbye to Daughter While He Stays Back to Fight

All Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been banned from leaving the country in response to Russia's ongoing invasion.

Powerful images of fear, heartbreak, and resilience have been emerging from Ukraine ever since early Thursday morning when President Vladimir Putin ordered "a special military operation" on the neighboring nation.

While many hunkered down in metro stations and air-raid shelters to take cover from aerial attacks, several thousand Ukrainians fled—and continue to flee—the country on available modes of transportation or on foot. A video of this mass displacement of civilians is now going viral on social media, featuring a heartbroken father saying an emotional goodbye to his daughter as he sends her off to a safe zone, while he himself stays behind to fight.

 The video—which has been liked and shared by thousands—shows the father bidding a tearful farewell and embracing his daughter and wife before seeing them off as they leave in a vehicle to get the young girl and her mother out of the country. Both father and daughter are seen sobbing uncontrollably as they bid farewell for at least the foreseeable future. All Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 have been banned from leaving the country in response to Russia's ongoing invasion. According to CNN, in a declaration signed late Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that "in order to ensure the defense of the state, maintaining combat and mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations," a general military mobilization was ordered in the capital Kyiv and all Ukraine's major cities.

The mobilization instructed "the Security Service of Ukraine to take counterintelligence measures during the general mobilization" and ordered the "conscription of conscripts, reservists for military service, their delivery to military units and institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" and other state security services. At the same time, Ukraine's state border guard service (DPSA) said in a statement that following the introduction of martial law in the country, all male citizens 18-60 years old are now banned from leaving the country.

"The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports that due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, a certain category of citizens is temporarily restricted from leaving Ukraine," the country's interior ministry announced on Telegram just before midnight on Thursday, reports VICE. "In particular, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 are prohibited from leaving Ukraine. Such a rule will apply for the period of martial law. We ask citizens to take this information into account." President Zelensky has also encouraged Ukrainian citizens willing to fight to come forward and promised weapons for anyone who wants them. Meanwhile, the country's defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, has called on anyone with a Ukrainian passport to enlist in the army. "The enemy is attacking, but our army is indestructible," Reznikov said. "Ukraine is moving into all-out defense mode."

"We're staying home. We don’t want to leave," said 24-year-old Andrew who did not disclose his full name for security reasons. "I can't leave now because the last update (was that) guys from 18 to 68... cannot leave borders of Ukraine. We will stay here till Russians go home because it's important to us to stay in our homes. We will stay with our government."




From headaches to insomnia, say goodbye with these 4 powerful reflexology tricks

If you hate the taste of medicine but often get the occasional headache or pain in the back or neck from the time to time, you might want to consider reflexology.

Many people typically associate reflexology with a foot massage but the ancient medical practice is actually applicable to every part of the body.

Reflexology refers to applying some pressure on specific “reflex points” on hands, ears, and feet as these points correspond to the different organs in the body.

It is also known as zone therapy and has been gaining popularity in the past decade as it can help reduce pain without the need of taking painkillers. Apart from alleviating the pain, reflexology can also help with detoxification, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and allergy symptoms.

If you prefer taking fewer painkillers, these reflexology tips can be useful to you.

1. Headache

To relieve a sinus headache, massage the tips of your thumbs and fingers or the area between your forefinger and your thumb.

As the area corresponds to the nerves that connect to your head and temple region, massaging the area can provide instant pain relief.

2. Neck and back pain

Massage the top of your thumb to the middle of your wrist. This area corresponds to the spinal reflex (as indicated in red below).

You can also massage it for a bit longer if the area is painful. Repeat this step for several times on both hands.

3. Cold and flu

Massage the base of your fingers and thumbs to the tips. Do this step on each finger for several times.

4. Insomnia

Massage the middle are of your thumb, your thumbprint. Press the area and hold between 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do this step on both thumbs for several times.

Massaging this area can help you sleep better and faster as it corresponds to the pituitary gland reflex.

Massaging these reflexology points may help reduce your pain and sleepless nights but if the condition persists, it may be best for you to see a doctor. It is also not recommended to massage these areas if you are recovering from a foot or hand injury.