7 Reasons Why Your Grandma Is The Greatest Women In Your Life

When you think of your grandmother you probably remember the grey hair she used to wear tied in a bun, the smell of her delicious meals that she always prepared with love, her soft voice that felt like music to your ears when she sang or read you a story. Sometimes even the memories of your parents aren’t that vivid as those of your grandparents.

Nostalgia is not the only reason why you always feel warmth in your chest when you think of your grandma. However, the memories and nostalgia aren’t the only reasons why you still love your grandma so much. There are a lot more things to it that connect us to these old ladies who are our second mothers, our best childhood friends and the ones we could always rely on. Nobody else can be like grandma and there are 7 particular reasons why we love them so much and how special they are in every child’s life.

1. She loves you more than she loves her own children

It is true. The love grandmas feel for their grandchildren is sometimes even bigger than the love they feel for their own child. She will go above and beyond to make them happy because her love is so pure and unconditional that nothing can stop her.

2. She cooks the best meals

Why is it that most people remember how tasty the meals grandma made were? It is probably because of the long traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. Or maybe because of the patience and love she invests when preparing the meals for those she loves most.

 3. Nobody cleans up a mess like she does

Mom is furious when she sees your messy room, but grandma is here to save the day. Grandma’s know how to take out even the most stubborn stains and will even teach you how to properly organize and clean your stuff. She also knows how to quickly put you in bed without any resistance.

4. She is a woman with style

Even though the clothes your grandma wears right now seem outdated, they were very stylish at some point in the past. She no longer worries about the latest fashion trends so she is not that into keeping up. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any sense of style. She can give you advice on what clothe suit you well or how to combine certain clothes.

5. She is always there for the family

Grandmothers are usually the ones who clean up the tables after a family meal. They are also the ones who work the hardest during the preparation of those meals. And regardless of everyone’s insisting on helping her, she will always be glad to do most of the work.

6. She listens to you

Your parents might be too busy with their careers so that they can’t pay enough attention to you. That doesn’t mean they don’t love you, but they will never listen like grandma does. She will be the one you go to when something great happens or when you had a bad day. She will never be annoyed by anything you say because she understands it is something you can’t control and that it will go away. She will support you and also give you great advice.

 7. She spoils her grandchildren

Grandmothers might have been very strict parents but once they get grandchildren they turn into a spoiling machine. They immediately fulfill any wishes their grandkids have such as making their favorite meal or buying the favorite toy. This will not stop even when you get older because in her eyes you will always be her sweet young grandchild.