Facts About Month Of Birth

Facts about month of birth

• January: People around you are overshadowed by you. No one else can compete with the fascination that you have with life. January’s birth stone is Garnet (Stone of Constancy)

• February: No one can change your mind if you decide something. People born in the month of February are generally very cheerful and full of life. February’ birth stone is Amethyst (Stone of sincerity)

• March: Others love your sense of humor and you can turn any situation into a funny and relaxed one. March’s birth stone is Aquamarine (Stone of Courage)

• April: Any one can trust you and you love to spend time with close friends and family. April’s birth stone is Diamond (Stone of Innocence)

• May: You don’t like to be instructed by others for what, how and when to do. You make your own path. May’s Birth stone is Emerald.

• June: You are always willing to help others and never hesitate to give advice to the world. June’s birthstone is Pearl, Alexandrite or Moonstone.

• July: You see the world differently than others but at the same time you are also very emotional. July’s birth stone is Ruby (Stone of Contentment)

• August: You have the leadership quality and once you know what you want, no one can influence your mind. August’ birth stone are Peridot, Sardonyx and Sapphire.

• September: You are not someone who would discriminate and you tend to be sympathetic for all the people. September’s birth stone is Sapphire (Stone of clear thinking)

• October: You are adorable, smart, funny and talented. Anyone around can be easily charmed by you. October’s birth stone is Opal or tourmaline.

• November: You inspire everyone around you and tend to be a good leader. You have the ability to guide other people. November’s birth stone is Citrine or Yellow Topaz.

• December: You are not someone who will complain a lot and you tend to enjoy whatever life offers you. December’s birth stone is Turquoise.