6 Things Men Like In Women More Than Good Looks

Have you ever sat across the table from a man and wondered what draws him to you? You know you look good and you think that is the only reason he likes you. The fact is it goes deeper than just looks. Here are things men are after in women:

1. Independence
No real man wants to babysit you. Don’t be too needy, or you will chase him away. As much as you are in a relationship, retain your identity and continue being yourself. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you transfer all your needs to your man.
2. Honesty
Trust in a relationship is everything. Lying to your man makes it hard for him to trust you. You might think the lie is small and harmless, but with time, it breaks down the trust that exists between the two of you. Lack of trust also builds a wall between you and that engagement ring. Make sure you keep all your interactions open and honest. Don’t hide things from him, because one day he might find out and the relationship goes down the drain.

3. Supportive
As much as society expects men to be strong, time comes when a man needs a soft place to land. When times are rough, a man is looking for someone to lean on. They expect you to be there for them when times become hard. You need to be a good listener and easy to talk to. However, don’t be too supportive to remind him too much of his mother.
4. Smart
Men like to talk, and they are looking for someone to share with. Well, it is not just talking, but they seek an intelligent conversation with you. You need to be able to understand current events and sustain a meaningful conversation. This comes into play when you meet with his friends or family too. Men are also drawn to women who can grasp new concepts.
5. Humorous
Not everything needs to be serious between the two of you. As much as you want to get into a serious relationship, you shouldn’t be serious all the time. Be humorous and easygoing. Know when to joke and when to be serious. Men want to laugh, and will get closer to you if you make them do it.ion
6. Up for Action
Men like adventure and they are looking for someone to have it with. Always try to give your man a chance to play out their wild side. If they want kinky, go for it.
Final words
Looking like a supermodel is not a sin, but men are looking beyond the makeup, curves, smile, clothes and great hair.