Being alive is a special occasion

Don’t keep your clothes & shoes for special occasions. Wear them whenever you can. Nowadays being alive is a special occasion.

Thank you God for everything, I look at all the blessings too numerous to mention. Thank you God for everything. Count your blessings every day - they're there. It makes all the difference.

People would stop looking at what is depressing to them and count their blessings look what they have in their life to know they’ve been blessed they would become less depressed and more blessed.

I am so very blessed to have my most beautiful family, friends, myself, life and God in my life it's the most important part of my life my family and friends.

I am so blessed to have the most amazing family & friends! Life wouldn't be the same without them!

I’ll never complain I’m just so greatful that I’m being so wonderfully cared by my family. May God watch over each and every one of you each and every night.

Thank you Lord for the roof over my head..but most of the love you given my family.

Praise God thank you for the roof over my head and food to eat and a nice warm bed to sleep in I'm so grateful for light, gas and a blessed family thank you Lord for being so good to me.