50 Best Marriage Tips Of All Time

1.If you want your marriage to last always make sure you admit your responsibility whether it is about something good or bad. Avoiding responsibility is very childish and you can only connect with your partner if you act like an adult person.

2.Physical touch releases more oxytocin in the body which is a hormone that creates a stronger bond. So, hold hands more often, hug, kiss or rub your partner’s shoulders. Try to add more length to the physical touch in order to have better results.

3.You and your partner don’t always have to agree on everything. It is normal to have different opinions but it is very important to accept your differences.

4.A gift does not have to be expensive in order for it to be meaningful. It’s the thought that counts so make sure you show your partner you appreciate them. Even if it is something small like a handwritten note that will brighten your partner’s day.

5.Women like being listened to. You don’t always need to have a solution to her problem, sometimes just listening is enough. Give your partner space to reconnect with his desires for you and his commitment to your relationship.

6.Trying to change your spouse is the biggest waste of time and effort because the things you want to change in your spouse are the things you don’t like about yourself.

7.Recognize the problems you have and try to work on solving them together. It can be anything from resentment, lack of conversation or boredom on the bedroom. Try to treat these issues like something serious because on the long run they could destroy your relationship.

8.When you are having an argument with your partner you have to avoid blaming, shaming, interrupting or needing to be right. Express your own opinions and don’t let your partner put words in your mouth. Open and honest communication is the key to a stronger and healthier relationship.

9.If you want to have a stronger marriage you need to share responsibilities with your partner. Both of you will have valid points and valid reasons for your feelings which you have to discuss.

10.Another very important thing you should not forget is to be fair. Whether it is about dividing chores, expressing dissatisfaction, supporting each other, dealing with finances, you need to talk about how you can improve the fairness in your relationship.

11.Being married does not mean you stop being in a relationship with your partner. This is a very important thing to know in order to be able to deal with other aspects of your life such as children, career, personal issues etc.

12.Try to make the interactions with your partner as pleasurable as you can by being kind, patient and nice. This way you will encourage your partner to be the same with you which will make your marriage blessed.

13.When you are sharing your feelings always talk in first person. For example, instead of telling your partner “You are avoiding me” tell them “I feel like you are avoiding me”. This way you express your feelings instead of your thoughts which can open a healthy discussion in order to resolve any issue between the two of you.

14.Your focus should be directed to both of you if you want to show your partner you appreciate them.

15.Stop criticizing and blaming them and focus on the things you appreciate about your partner. Honestly express your feelings towards them.

16.Another thing you should not stop doing after you get married is dating. Try to set aside a romantic evening just for the two of you in order to keep the magic alive.

17.Try to spend at least 15 minutes from time to time to show each other how much you appreciate each other without discussing anything else.

18.Take care of yourself in order to be able to love your marriage. If you are constantly working on you, your marriage will never suffer.

19.Your partner is the reflection of your personality. So if you are upset about something you see in them, make sure that you are not the one to blame and try to solve the issue in order to make your relationship stronger.

20.Find time to have fun together more often and do something you both enjoy. It does not have to be something fancy. It can be as simple as cooking together, taking a walk in the park or watching a movie.

21.Before you blame your partner for anything, first ask for their opinion. If you have a certain dispute don’t blame them, but try to ask what is the reason behind their behavior and what you can do to help them.

22.Create a list of three moments in your marriage that were the happiest for both of you and relive them briefly for at least a few moments each day.

23.Simple words such as “I love you, I am here for you, I understand and I’m sorry” can help you go a long way but only if you truly mean them.

24.Never stop appreciating your partner. Show them how much you love them with random acts of love and kindness.

25.As marriage partners you spend lots of time together, however it does not mean you always enjoy it especially if there are other people involved. So, try to find time just for the two of you not only to be intimate, but to create new memories.

26.Give your spouse everyday compliments. This shows appreciation and how much you value your partner.

27.Create an image of your future and discuss it with your partner. If you share your expectations together you will synchronize your desires and support each other much more.

28.Try to avoid blaming or criticizing your partner at all times. Instead, you should be supportive and respectful just like you would be with your best friend.

29.Date your partner and try to think of new ideas which one day will be yours and another your partners.

30.Learn and practice Tantra.

31.A healthy and strong marriage is impossible without communication and spending time together.

32.No marriage can survive without respect. Avoid verbal abuse and never insult your partner.

33.Spend at least 10 minutes every day talking with your partner. Ask them about their childhood, their favorite song or something else you can think of.

34.Having control and connection with your partner are two different things you can’t have at the same time. Try to strive for connection.

35.Relieve your dates from when you were dating and end your date in the bedroom.

36.Busy lives often make couples lose interest of each other. But if you are able to find time for your partner just like you do for your work and other activities your marriage will be healthier than ever.

37.Create a new level of intimacy with your partner by sitting next to them in silence and just looking at their eyes. Try to relax your body and you will feel a lot closer to them.

38.When you see each other at the end of your busy day, avoid talking for the first 60 seconds and try to hold each other. This will remind both of you that you are each other’s source of comfort and pleasure.

39.Before “attacking” your partner about something that is important to you try to give them an introduction that will encourage a more accommodating reaction.

40.When you are out with your partner on a date night try to avoid criticizing too much. If you don’t like the food or the service at the restaurant try to avoid complaining too much. This can give your partner the impression that you are not having a good time.

41.When you are going t through a rough time, instead of distancing form your partner, try to become closer with them, share your feelings and show them your vulnerability. This can be very helpful in making your relationship much stronger because you will face your struggles t together.

42.Never try to change your partner and accept them as they are.

43.If your partner is trying to tell you something that is bothering them, instead of attacking them try to see things from their point of view. Your communication will be much better if you try harder to understand them.

44.Help each other to bring out the best of you. You need to be aware that you and your partner both have outside interests that you need to feel happy.

45.If you feel like the love is fading, try to write 10 things you loved about your partner when you met them. Then, write 10 things you did together that were fun. Combine these two lists together on your date nights to bring back the love.

46.You are allowed to have a bad day however you must never take it out on your partner.

47.Being married means you must trust your partner completely whether it is about financial decisions or making future plans that concern both of you.

48.Life is longer than you think. In the heat of the moment something can seem like the most important thing in the world. However, everything fades and try to avoid using strong words or insults and make sure you won’t hurt your partner in any way. Don’t let one incident destroy your happiness.

49.Women love the attention they get from her partner because it helps her get in touch with her feelings for him. This is another level of intimacy that can often seem magical.

50.Encourage your partner for their patience, courage, kindness or helpfulness. Find time to laugh together and have positive experiences. Think of your own way to show your love by doing small things your partner will appreciate. Knowing how to make your partner happy every day will open their heart which is very helpful for making your marriage happier and longer.