After Undergoing Face Surgery, Sally Field Feel “Young Again” Since Her “Age” Has Left Her “Anonymous”

Sally Field plastic surgery before and after pictures are available below.

Just when you see her face, you know she’s one of a kind. I love Sally Field, I really do. To me she is one of the most talented actresses and her intelligence betrays her by being able to morph into any role: make the audience laugh or cry, depending on the objective.

She is known as an American actress, great singer, screenwriter, and director. She has played in various films and movies such as Gidget, The Flying Nun, Mrs. Doubfire, and many more. But besides her carrier, she was rumored to go through plastic surgery to maintain her looks and appearance.

I was really surprised to learn that Sally Field, the confident, poised and self-possessed woman turned to plastic surgery in order to look younger and appealing. I guess old age gets to everybody.

However, she is still respectable and still looks awesome!

The tabloids won’t miss a single plastic surgery and keep us up to date with every celeb gossip. We can only imagine how hard it is to work and function as a mindful and mentally stable person in the entertainment industry, especially for someone as famous as Sally Field. The pressure of being in that youthful state gets to almost every celebrity.

As an actress in her 70’s, the aging process bears heavy on her age, especially with so much spotlight in the public eye. When one compares her “before” plastic surgery photographs to her “after” photographs, one can easily see that her eyes were sunken, her face was sagging, and gravity had taken a firm hold on her cheeks and other facial features.

But the “after” pictures show quite youthful freshness from all the procedures she underwent. I am against plastic surgery, but if I consider some in the future, I would make sure to sell all my assets and pay her surgeon to make me young again!

Burt Reynolds, one of the greats who passed away in 2018 (her ex-boyfriend) said on plastic surgery:

“After you’re in the spotlight for a long time, people, both men and women, are forever whispering names of surgeons in your ear, along with little exercises to shape up the turkey neck, the double chin, the sagging eye. I’ve been punched so much through the years, both playing [foot]ball and doing stunts, that my right eyelid sagged so badly my peripheral vision was affected. I had a little work done on it to get it back remotely where it belonged.

“Of course, the first thing they did in the makeup chair for ‘Breaking In’ was give me sagging eyelids. Then they gave me a neck even a turkey wouldn’t want.”

It may be uncommon knowledge, but the neck tends to expose one’s age. We tend to look like turkeys as we age, with that excess skin on the neck. But when it comes to successful plastic surgery done on a celebrity, I would consider this as one.

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