A Heart-Breaking Love Story

A Heart-Breaking Love Story

There Was A Guy Who Was So Tired Of Reading His Girlfriend’s


There Are Always “I Love
Yew, I Miss Yew Or Have Yew
Eaten Yewr Meals” ?

One Night While Lying On Bed, He Received a Text Message From

He Didn’t Read It Instead, He Went
To Sleep..

In The Morning, He Woke By A Call
From His Gf’s Mom..

She Was Crying While Telling Him
That His Girlfriend Was Killed That Night She Texted Him..

He Remember The Message &

Read it..
“Honey Pls Come & Help Me, Some1 is Following Me.. Pls”:(((

MORAL: Never Ignore A Person Who Loves & Cares Foh Yew Because, One Day Yew May Realize Yew’ve Lost The Moon While Counting The Stars…