Don’t overthink about things

Your mind goes round and round over negative events in the past, problems in the present or bad things you’re worried will happen in the future and this inability to release bad thoughts and memories can get you down.You rehash these events and analyze them, but you don’t do anything to solve the problems or feel more in control of your situation. That can really spin you into depression. ~ Brigitte Nicole

That is what my doctor told me that you think too much in non significant things this is why you are slow. He also said it drains your power and makes you exhausted because we put a lot of thoughts mourning the past and worrying about the future while we should focus our power on the moment. ~ Rain Adel

Overthinking about things only slows down your brain and leads to depression.

Controlling your thoughts is of utmost importance, if you are feeling down. It is always due to your thoughts. ~ Linda North