Remove Warts, Dark Spots, Blackheads And Skin Tags Quickly And Effectively With These Natural Remedies

Warts, moles, skin tags and dark spots have become a problem for numerous people.
  1. Warts
The cause of the appearance of warts is the Human Papilloma Virus. Once they appear, the warts can stay for a few weeks or even months. Luckily there are natural remedies that can help you remove them safely.
Apple cider vinegar
ACV has powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties which make it excellent for treating warts. Start by washing the affected area. Then, take a cotton ball and soak it with ACV. Apply the cotton ball on the wart and secure it with a band aid. You should leave this on for 24 hours and replace it the next day. Remember to wash the affected area first each time.
Garlic is also great for treating warts due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it has. Take some garlic cloves, mash them and then apply the juice on the warts. Cover them with a band aid. To avoid the smell of garlic clean the area after using it.
Duct tape
Using a piece of duct tape, cover the wart area completely. Keep the wart covered for 6 days however replace the tape when needed. Then soak the wart in water and rub it with pumice stone or an emery board. Then cover the wart with duct tape for another 6 days and repeat the whole procedure for 2 months.
Bananas can be used to treat warts by applying the inside of the peel directly on the affected area. Pressing the inside of the peel over the wart provides even better results.  Then, secure the peel using tape and leave it on overnight. You should repeat this until you notice an improvement.
Pure raw honey
Manuka honey works best for treating warts. This type of honey is harvested in New Zealand and it has very powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You should cover the wart with a thick layer of this honey and then wrap it with a piece of cloth. You should leave the cloth on for 24 hours and then rinse the skin with water. Repeat this every day.
  1. Skin tags
Skin tags occur in places where the skin folds. These fleshy bumps vary in size from that of a grain to a pea.
Apple cider vinegar
Use apple cider vinegar to treat skin tags by applying it on with a cotton ball twice a day. After 2-4 weeks you will notice that the skin tag will start to fall off.

Castor oil and baking soda
Create a paste by mixing castor oil and baking soda. Apply it on the skin tag and twice a day until you notice improvement.
Tea tree oil
Take a cotton ball, soak it with water and then add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and apply it on the skin tag. This remedy provides results in just 2 weeks.
  1. Moles
Even though they are not harmful for the skin, moles often make a person unconfident. They can be brown, black, raised, flat, rough or smooth. You should consult your doctor immediately in case you notice a change in shape, color and size of your mole. These natural remedies can be very helpful if you want to get rid of a mole.
Take a fresh garlic clove, smash it and then apply it on the mole. Secure it with a band aid and leave it on for 4 hours. Leaving it overnight is even better.
Apple cider vinegar
Take a cotton ball and soak it in ACV. Apply it directly on the affected area. Repeat the same procedure for 10 consecutive days.
Castor oil
Mix some baking soda with a few drops of castor oil, and rub the mixture on the mole. Leave it on for several hours until it dries. You should repeat this procedure twice daily for about a month.
  1. Dark spots
Darks spots are usually caused by sun exposure, aging or genetics. These natural remedies will help you get rid of them.
Soak a cotton ball in a mixture of lemon juice and water and then dab it on the area where you have dark spots.
Aloe vera
Apply fresh aloe Vera gel on the spot and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse it off. Repeat this two times a day for a month.
Take 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of sandalwood powder and 2 teaspoons of rose water, mix them and then apply the mixture on the dark spots. Use cold water to rinse off the remedy. Repeat 2 times a week.
Onion juice
Take a red onion, blend it, apply the juice on the areas with spots and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
  1. Clogged pores
Before you start this method you should clean your face thoroughly. Take a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl. You should steam for about 5-10 minutes but if the heat is unbearable you can make brief breaks. Afterwards, relax for a couple of minutes and apply an ACV toner and moisturize your face with coconut oil.
Your face should also be clean before starting this method. Massage your face gently in circular motions with an exfoliating brush. Avoid the area around the eyes because the skin is more sensitive there. Afterwards rinse with the face with cool water and apply coconut oil as moisturizer.
Sugar scrub
Create a powder by crushing 2 tablespoons of sugar and then add some lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the area where you have clogged pores. Rinse off with cool water and apply coconut oil to moisturize your skin.