Super Easy Method Removes Skin Tags Using Ingredient Already In Your Cupboard

Skin tags are small skin outgrowths which are pink or brownish in colour. Skin tags are caused due to the buildup of blood vessels and collagen in the thicker parts of the skin. It can appear on various parts of the body but mostly in areas where there are creases such as the armpits, neck, eyelids etc.

There are variety of treatments available for skin tag removal such as laser and surgery. Apart from treatment procedures, there are many safe and effective methods that can be used at home for treating skin tags.


Tea tree oil is one of the best natural methods that helps to cure many skin conditions, including skin tags. This oil has a natural antiseptic properties that protects the skin after the tag is removed.
In order to use this remedy, clean the skin tag and the surrounding area with soap and water and then completely dry the area. Take a cotton ball soaked in water and add 3 drops of tea tree oil to it. Now apply it directly to the skin tag in circular motions. The tea tree oil penetrates the skin tag and finally the skin tag starts to dry out and gradually falls off with frequent application.


The acidic property of apple cider vinegar makes it a great natural remedy for treating skin tag.
First soak the affected area in warm water and dry it off. Once the skin tag becomes soft, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply on the skin tag. Press on the skin tag for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Do this 2-3 times a day until the skin tag falls off.


Castor oil is another strong remedy for treating skin tags. Castor oil is loaded with many nutrients that helps eliminate unusual skin growths and keep your skin healthy. Take some castor oil and mix it with baking soda to form a thick paste. Optionally, you can add a few drops of lemon oil to the paste.
Apply this paste on the skin tags and use a band aid to cover it. Leave it on for few hours and then wash off with warm water. Continue this treatment for about 2-3 weeks until the skin tag falls off.


Fresh garlic has antibacterial properties which help to treat a number of skin conditions including skin tags. Enzymes present in garlic help shrink skin tags naturally. Crush a few garlic cloves to make a paste. Apply this paste directly on the skin tags and cover it with a bandage. Leave it on for couple of hours, and then wash it off with warm water. Do this regularly until the skin tag comes off.