15 Signs Which Are Warning You Of Cancer And That People Usually Ignore Until It Is Too Late

A lot of people are more careful about their health if in their family someone have had cancer, they also consult with the doctors often.
As much as you know about the cancer, sooner you can recognize it and treat it.
Here are 15 warning signs
Usual cancer symptoms and signs
All depends from location of the cancer cells and its stage. Very important is the response of the body to intruders.
  1. Changes in the bowel movements
Cancer in the digestive tract can show diarrhea, frequent constipation or unusual size of the stool.
  1. Changes in urination
Urinate more than usually or feeling pain during urination is a prostate cancer.
  1. Sores
It can be part of skin cancer, genital cancer or oral cancer. You must visit doctor immediately.
  1. Bleeding
Coughing up blood, blood in the urine or stool and bloody discharge are several cancer types.
  1. Thickening or lumps
If you can notice how the sizes of lumps are changing, that is very bad sign.
  1. Indigestion
This problem is coming very often, and it is usually misdiagnosed. It can be indication of upper digestive tract, and you’ll feel pain in the stomach.
  1. Changes in mole or freckle
An indication of cancer can be the change of any kind of your mole.
  1. Unusual hair growth
If you have this kind of problem like unusually growth, you have to consult a physician instantly.
  1. Skin Changes
You may recognize some change on the skin like darkening, yellowing or reddening of the skin. It is an warning sign.
  1. Pain
Back constant pain or headaches are not good symptoms, the chronic pain says that is talking about type of cancer. Go and visit a doctor.
  1. Fever
In general fever is connected with immune system, but maybe can be an indication of cancer.
  1. Weight Loss
Unexpected weight loss, which happens for no reason, may be a kind of cancer.
  1. Coughing
Cough chronic can be a sign of cancer of the respiratory tract, like lung or throat cancer.
  1. Unusual lymph nodes
Changes in the lymph nodes is an warning that you need medical help.
  1. Fatigue
The immune system has some response like fatigue, but that can also be response for something else. The cancers can lead to loos of blood, so if you suffer form often fatigue go to doctor.