For those who know me

Those who know me never doubt me and those who doubt me, never knew me.

In your world, I have another name. You should know me by it. ~ C. S. Lewis

You know, most people really don't know me. ~ Marilyn Monroe

If people don't know me, then I don't care what they say about me. ~ Michael Waltrip

Nobody would know me from my own description of myself; which is why, when called upon (rarely, I grant) to provide an account, I tailor it, I adapt, I try to provide an outline that can, in some way, correlate to the outline that people understand me to have -- that, I suppose, I actually have, at this point. But who I am in my head, very few people really get to see that. Almost none. It's the most precious gift I can give, to bring her out of hiding. ~ Claire Messud

Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see. ~ Rumi