A job is a job, You have no right to mock someone

A job is a job. Whether you are a doctor or if you are a cleaner. You have no right to mock someone just because you are earning more money than the other person. We all trying to put food on our table.

“Your dignity can be mocked, abused, compromised, toyed with, lowered and even badmouthed, but it can never be taken from you. You have the power today to reset your boundaries, restore your image, start fresh with renewed values and rebuild what has happened to you in the past.”― Shannon L. Alder

“Arrogant men with knowledge make more noise from their mouth than making a sense from their mind.”― Amit Kalantri,

You will meet a lot of people in your life; some laugh with you, others will laugh at you; some will love to clean your mess, others will love to mess you up! Love all, but choose carefully the one who stays close to you forever!”― Israelmore Ayivor

“When you are mocking somebody, you are just trying to get rid of something embarassing within you that makes you doing so.”― Toba Beta