Break~Ups Are Emotional Accidents..

Just like other accidents in our life, break ups are also inevitable 
and unavoidable. Break ups are emotional accidents. Break ups 
happen in relationships that were actually never meant to be.
 When you have to move out of a relationship it can be extremely 
painful and agonizing but break ups are not meant to break us or 
rip us apart and leave us shattered for life. They are meant to 
teach us lessons and make us mentally strong to face new 
relationships. Sometimes relationships become very demanding 
and emotionally stressful and they are not worth all the pain they
 give you. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than to continue
 feeling ridiculous or miserable. Although it takes time to heal your
 soul and move on you need to find the magic in a breakup. Don’t 
restrict yourself from falling in love again. Keep your arms open
 and embrace new love when it comes your way. A beautiful new
 relationship will help you heal emotionally and spiritually.