Palm Reading Secret

Palmistry is one of the oldest of the occult arts. People have been fascinated with hands since time began. At some stage people realized that every hand is different, and from this discovery palmistry began.

The fact that no two hands are the same must have intrigued primitive people. Some 2600 years ago Aristotle wrote a book on palmistry for Alexander the Great, and there is nothing in that book that a modern-day palmist would dispute. Consequently, the basic principles of palmistry have been around for a long time.

Since the end of World War II, the Kennedy-Galton Center, attached to the University of London, has been studying palms scientifically, using them to determine the predisposition of people towards certain illnesses. Certainly, nothing could be more important than health, and it is exciting that modern-day scientists are proving scientifically what palmists have known for thousands of years.

Palm reading can show current state of someone, their background and their characters. In this app you will find plain English, fully illustrated guide to read palm. It’s so simple and easy to understand till you don’t need to have any prior basic knowledge about it. From the basic meanings of the lines to the fine points of marking and complexion, these clear descriptions will have you revealing secrets and foretelling the future from the first day.