Find out what your current life vibe is by choosing one or two patterns that you most resonate with. Just pick the one you feel most drawn to at first sight. Read the answers below to see what your choice says about you and how you are currently living your life. Remember that the answer below represents your life vibration right now. Life is always changing and you too are always transforming. If you want it to, your life vibe can change too! Please let us know what you picked and if you felt the description was accurate..

1 – FUN

Life - You are life’s tour guide of fun! Easy going with a calm and laid back attitude, you are full of life and love to make others laugh. You are almost always light and happy and you deal with life as it comes, never worrying much about the future. You are not one to make big bold changes as you are more comfortable with what is familiar.

Career – You love to be having fun all while making a positive contribution to other people’s lives. Intelligent and creative, you tend to thrive in a hands-on environment, as opposed to a classroom setting. You would make an amazing bartender, camp facilitator, event coordinator or entertainer. Office jobs are not a great setting for you, but you make a great sales person if you really believe in the product! Whatever career you choose, you are an uplifter and make the work environment a more fun and creative place to be.
Relationships – Strangely when it comes to relationships, you tend to doubt yourself. You have some reservations about commitment. You have some fears of being hurt and reservations about getting too serious. These insecurities hold you back from maintaining a long term relationship.
Advice - You are awesome! You have a kind beautiful loving heart. Your desire to bring happiness to people has such a profound impact on the world around you. You are so authentic and unpretentious about it because you are just being you. People are naturally drawn to you. Take a little time to appreciate yourself and know that you make a great partner. Have a little more confidence. Don’t be so focused on your short comings. No one is perfect- but you are pretty darn awesome!


Life – You tend to feel frustrated, anxious and rigid. You hold strong to your ideas and what people think of them. Your focus on always being ‘right’ can leave you being unforgiving and judgemental. Negativity tends to be your ruling tone as you do not ever want to waste your time on ‘stupid stuff’. You tend to worry about the future and entertain worst case scenario outcomes. Always trying to maintain the status-quo, you are one who views life with your glass half empty.
Career – You are naturally drawn to positions of authority. Your almost uncontrollable urge to be in charge and correct other people mistakes leads you to seek managerial or teaching positions. You believe you have a better vision and work ethic than most others and feel they would all be better off leaving you in charge. You work well with other people, yet you have a tendency to always take over and micro manage. You seek to get the job done well and are very attentive to detail. If you can temper your criticism you make a great leader, teacher, lawyer, accountant, lab tech, architect or higher-up at your city hall.
Relationships – When it comes to love, you don’t have too much time for relationships. Your high standards and sharp tongue can be hurtful and intimidating to others. You do feel as though most people are simply just not dateable. If you are in a relationship, you tend to keep yourself closed off in fear of revealing any imperfections or emotional weaknesses.
Advice - Let your hair down and go do something for the fun of it! Not everything has to have a purpose or be perfect. Breathe deeper, laugh louder, sing! Your tendency to be so linear is blocking your access to creativity and the genius that lies within you. You have to be willing to let go and rediscover that child that is still alive within yourself. Find the joy in doing something “pointless”. It’s great to have high standards but you could find so much more cooperation from others if you would just chill out a little bit.

3 – SAFE

Life – Your life is beautiful, simple… predictable. You like it that way. You don’t seem to live with any big highs or lows, for even keel is how you roll. You appreciate art, good quality and the beauty in almost everything. You are an artsy and crafty person with a tendency to spend your time scrap-booking or gardening, instead of create a wall mural on a downtown building.
Career – Although your career might not be very exciting, it provides you with safety, security and comfort. You like to keep life clean and safe… without any mess ups. There is a part of you that craves something more. Deep down you know that you were made for a bigger platform, but it is your mind that gets in the way of you taking that leap. Your best job match would be anything in which you feel organized, safe and out of the spotlight.
Relationships – You have a few close friends who you cherish. You want a partner that is calm and grounded even though at times you wish you had a little more excitement in your life. You are a picky person that is clear on what you want in a relationship. You tend to be a long term partner and do not jump from one relationship to another.
Advice – It appears that things come easy to you and your life is pretty laid back. Take some time to appreciate all the good things in your life. Be open to spice things up a little bit. Carpe Diem! When unplanned things come up, and they will, take a deep breath and try to relax. Change is good and healthy. It is how you grow. Aim for balance more than just safety.


Life –You long to get out into the world, do big things, make an impact and shake things up. You truly want to be a part of something great that positively changes the lives of others. You don’t necessarily want to be the leader of an entire movement, but you do want to be a major contributor to the cause.
Career – You seek adventure, social situations, the outdoors and you connect with others easily. You feel anxious about making any major commitments when it comes to your career, for you are always living on the edge of your seat. You might feel unsatisfied about where you are now, but the key is to remember you can make a difference in any job or situation. Start now right where you are. What can you do to bring a little more happiness and joy to the world in your current situation? If you do little things everyday that make you feel like you are living your purpose, you will soon find yourself presented with opportunities that really excite you. You are a fantastic team member and help any cause you set your heart on move forward with strong energy.
Relationships – You love to connect with others that also feel passionate about a cause or purpose. You love to discuss ideas and plans that will make a difference in the lives of others. You attract the movers and the shakers. You love to connect romantically with people who have plans or desires to do something great. A lot of your relationships are built on shared ideas and values rather than strong emotional bonds.
Advice – There can be great purpose in even the most mundane tasks. Find your own way of making the world a better place in your current everyday routine. Offering a smile to a stranger has a more profound impact on the world than you realize. When you feel the anxiousness rise up, take a breath and remember that you are right now fulfilling your purpose. Even if things don’t look the way you think they should for you, every moment is as it should be. Take some time to discover who you are besides your ideals. You are a multidimensional being. What lies within you waiting to be discovered?


Life – You are a deep thinker that loves to learn, read and be alone with your own thoughts. You crave solitude. Any time is a good time for you for deep contemplation. You can fall deep in thought even in a crowded room. You do not feel drawn to get out and do things that require high energy or meeting new people. However, you love to have coffee while people watching and simply observing the world around you. You love the appreciation of fine things like art, music, great wines and good books. You could hang out in a bookstore or library for hours at a time. You get great pleasure from writing or documenting your observations and revelations.
Career – You need to do something that has to do with research, studying, analyzing or learning. You don’t like much interaction with others, so quiet environments work best for you. You thrive when you are given minimal instruction and permitted to be self directed. You are independent and like it that way. The best career for you would be an antiquities restorer, a professor, a researcher, a gardener, a scientist, an artist or a home based web developer.
Relationships – You are annoyed by people who seek attention. You like to talk about ideas and concepts rather than emotions. You communicate your emotions through metaphors, which most people tend not to understand. You are fiercely loyal and generous to your friends and loved ones. In a partner, you need someone who gives you space and time alone. If someone pushes you to share when you do not feel comfortable you will shut down and distance yourself.
Advice – It’s ok to make time and space for people to get to know you. It is alright to be clear with your boundaries but just be careful not to shut people out! You have a lot of wisdom to share and people are interested in what you know and your passion for your subject matter. You have a tendency to be suspicious of people who want to get to know you, so soften your approach. It is alright to let people in. Life is so much richer when there is space for developing relationships and sharing and happiness and love with others.


Life – As you skip through life, you tend to always be looking on the brighter side of things. You are a glass half full kind of person. You find the joy in situations, the good in other people and beauty in everything. You have a sort of whimsical lightness and innocence about you. You appreciate fresh flowers, a home cooked meal or a beautiful sunset. You are a lover of people, animals, nature, music food…pretty much everything!
Career – You have a cheery and open disposition and are great at making other people feel heard and valued. You are most satisfied when others are pleased by your efforts. Children naturally feel safe and comfortable with you. You are a great support person. You do not want to lead as you are not comfortable telling others what to do or how to do it. You would be fantastic as a customer service agent, a support worker, a care aid or nurse, a day care facilitator, a social worker or anything in the hospitality industry.
Relationships – You have a large group of friends that you love together or go out with. You are a social butterfly but you don’t let anyone one in too close. You do not easily share any of your pain or struggles with other for fear of bringing other people down. You tend to deal with difficult situations by..not really dealing with it. You’d rather avoid than confront. You do not have much intimacy in your life because you try to avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable. For this reason you are never fully immersed in a relationship.
Advice – It is OK to be less than happy sometimes. Share your sadness or discomfort with someone you trust. It is healthier to release sadness and pain than to suppress it. It is ok to express the full range of emotions. Experience life to its fullest potential. rather than running away from situations that make you feel uncomfortable, approach them slowly. Be open to the experiences and what it can show you. You will find great satisfaction in being willing to dive deeper and enjoy more than companionship. It is alright to get close to someone you truly care for.


Life – Your life is like a coin. It is a 50/50 split. You tend to feel invisible, but deep down you want to be seen! You are tired of hiding in the background and feel you can resolve those feelings through fame. And you are striving for a big platform so you can shine bright and feel loved and admired by many. But not everything that leads to stardom will bring fulfillment and make you happy. You are easily swayed by others points of view and mold yourself like a chameleon to fit into any situation. Deep down you crave acceptance and recognition. You often feel like a bit of a mess and are uncertain about almost all the things that run through your head.
Career – Although you want to be seen, you will only do things that make you feel comfortable. Although you say you want success, if you are insecure, you will not push yourself to do what it takes to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You have a big fear of failure which will either hold you back or push you far ahead to avoid it. You crave the feeling of success to feel special. Whether that means an A+ on your report card, or a record contract; you need reassurance to make you feel good. Anything that has to do with the spotlight will draw you to it. Public speaker, dancer, singer, actor, T.V personality..wherever there is a stage, you want to be on it.
Relationships – Because you feel vulnerable, you don’t let anyone in too close. You want to maintain the image that you have everything together. If anyone offer you advice you may feel attacked or criticized. You avoid any kind of confrontation and would rather cut someone out of your life than to face them. You tend to control or override romantic partners. You can be very self centered and selfish leaving little space for your friends or lover’s wants and desires.
Advice – You have a fragile ego which comes from a fear of being rejected. You have a tendency to be selfish, controlling and an emotional hog. Great questions to ask your self would be… Who am I really? What is it I truly want? Seek to discover your true identity rather than just being who you think you need to be for others to love and accept you. Consider, perhaps what you really want doesn’t involve fame. Even as you read this, you will find it hard to accept this advice.


Life – You are a total ‘people pleaser’ that puts the needs of others, before your own. You give whatever you have to other people, for them to reach their goals and live their best life. You have a tendency to over-do it and wear yourself out. You are always sacrificing yourself and your health for others You want to help the underdog, due to your big heart. You probably feel that money is a form of corruption. You are all about others but needs.
Career – You are drawn to any career that helps others. And you seek out a grass-roots company with a cause rather than a corporate institution. You have probably done some travelling working overseas helping the sick and less fortunate. Whatever it is you do, you want to give a voice and hand to those who cannot help themselves. You give 100% of yourself and your ressources to help others.
Relationships – You are a great and loyal friend that is always there for others. You listen and help wherever you can. You are fun and easy going but will defend your friends and speak out if you see any kind of injustice. In a romantic relationship, you are such a compassionate person that has a tendency to disregard your own needs to satisfy your partner.
Advice – You need to seek balance in your life! It is ok to receive, as much as it is to give. Learn to receive and accept help from others. Don’t allow yourself to give to a point where you are totally depleted and worn out. You are putting yourself at risk which is counterproductive.


Life – You are a seeker of adventure, ready to travel at the drop of a hat. You will try anything once and always live to tell the mind-blowing story. You love to live on the edge, meet new people, discover new places and seek to feel free. You have a strong will that is naturally inspiring to other people.
Career – You will have many fulfilling careers in your lifetime, for you are always growing and learning. Your career choices reflect your zest for life and need for freedom. You would make a fantastic entrepreneur, adventure guide or travel writer. You are a natural leader.
Relationships – You are a generous friend and lover. You will offer everything you have to help another. You can be blunt and have a short fuse; if someone steps over the line, you will let it be known. You don’t tolerate any nonsense and you call it like you see it. You have a magnetic personality that is intriguing and interesting. Everywhere you go, people love you. In a romantic relationship, you are generous, you wear your heart on your sleeve and can’t seem to hide your feelings. You are all about going big…or going home.
Advice – You need to have patience when you want something. Develop a little more patience and know that everything happens in perfect timing. You can sabotage your efforts with your impatience.