What Men Want From Woman But Don't Tell Out

Listen up ladies… I know you are keeping lots of secrets from men, and even though you think you’ve got men all figured out, just know that your man is hiding few things himself and no single day his tongue will slip to let them out like;
1. Don’t Do Lots of Makeup
Men love their wives the way they woke up in the morning without lots of makeups. It is only that he can’t say it out but inside he burns for your change. Just do a little of it without much exaggeration. Natural is sexier!
2. Leave the Eyebrows Alone
I’m sure we spend lots of money just to look good for our men, how will you feel i9f all the efforts you are showing goes unseen? I believe you will be discouraged and may be feel that he is seeing someone else out there, that’s not the point, you are doing a lot of it, to him you are like a scarecrow. Plucked eyebrows aren’t pretty.

3. When the Game is on He is Reading You
When you are making love a man will be paying attention to you if you are nice about it, bark, and they shut down. He will never let you know how you perform but will lie if forced to say. Put this in mind while you are there twisting your waist or screaming out!
4. He Doesn’t Need Directions
Every man think and believes In himself that he knows where to hit, it feels lowered to direct him on which side to drive to and how to go about it. Let your man feel he is a man when on bed!
5. Men Crave for Hugs and Hand Holding Too
Do you shy giving just a hug to your man just because you are in public? Ooh no, you should know that he needs it and also yawns to hold your hand in whatever place you are in at any given time. Doing this doesn’t mean to them that this will lead to sex!
6. There Is no Better Sound In the World Than You
Every upright man loves everything about his woman from the reasoning to bed. What a woman should know is that whenever she sings in any of the tunes or while in bed screams when she is having orgasm she should never be worried how her man understands this, he loves the sound!
7. You are Really Bad at Faking It
Every woman should understand that it is not a must every time she is on bed with her man to reach orgasm; it depends on how well you prepared each other and how ready you are in receiving it. If it happens your man reaches orgasm fast than you do then just take a breath, relax help him calm down and let him know you didn’t reach it. Don’t fake it lowers who you are on bed for him.
8. Tell Him He is Handsome
Men don’t mind being told they look good, don’t just call it a “cute outfit” appreciate his beauty and efforts to look good for you or else he will seek it out from another woman who is able to see it.
9. Make Your Man Laugh and He Will Hang Around
Men don’t like gloomy women around them. Cheer up, find new interesting stories to share with him without fear and expressing every feeling you have for him and he will stick by you.
The early you realize this, the better!