What Does Your Birthmark Say About You?

A birthmark may develop during gestation or in the first few months of a baby’s life. But is there a special meaning to birthmarks? Where do they come from? What stories have been told about their occurrence over time and across cultures and how true they are…? Do they tell you the story of your previous birth? Can you determine somebody’s character or your own future by looking at a mole? Read on to find out…
Birth Marks: Road map to past lives?
The correlation between birthmarks and re-incarnation was first studied extensively in 1960 by Dr. Ian Stevenson (a former director in the field of Psychiatry and current researcher in personalities). Dr. Stevenson’s research lays in his discovery that many children who remembered their past lives bore birthmarks located on their bodies which correlated with the deaths they claimed to have experienced prior to being re-incarnated.
Birthmarks and re-incarnation
The past and the present are deeply interwoven when birth marks are indelibly imprinted onto an individual’s physical body. This happens for two reasons. One, the body has not had enough time between its incarnations to heal. Two, the mind needs to reconnect with the past life trauma so it can be healed and released. So a birth mark is formed at the site of the past life damage when the individual chooses to reincarnate. Here are different types of birthmarks and their probable past life causes…

1. Unhealed and healed burn mark

This deep red birth-mark is the body’s way of remembering being burned by fire. The darker the mark, the less the wound has healed karmically. Usually this is because the past life is recent and the related trauma has not been processed. Healed Burn Mark: This ultra white birth-mark is the body’s way of remembering being burned by fire. The lighter the mark, the more the wound has healed karmically. Although it is somewhat healed, there are still lessons to be learned from this old wound.

2. Single bullet wound and embedded bullet wound

Single bullet wound birth-mark was caused by a bullet that entered on the left (notice the perfectly round pattern on the left compared to the right side). The uneven pattern on the right is a remnant of a related powder burn. This wound tends to be brown. Embedded Bullet Wound: This birth-mark was caused by a bullet that became embedded in the body. Notice the perfectly round shape of an antique bullet as well as the “burn” ring around this birth-mark. This wound tends to be black.

3. Birthmarks are an Omen

In this theory, the location of a birthmark signifies something about the person. If, for example, you happen to have a birthmark on your right arm, you’re sure to be prosperous; but, if it’s on your left, you’re going to have to pinch some pennies. Elsewhere, a left-foot birthmark means the person will be massively intelligent, while if it’s on the right, they’ll love exploration, adventure and travel. Here’s what different birthmarks and moles depict…

4. Mole or Birthmark on Forehead

People with a mole or birthmark on their forehead or even in between eyebrows, are kind and likes to help people, because they have confidence in themselves. They reach success by own efforts. They have pride and integrity, and prefer action to talk. They feel uncomfortable asking people for help, or interrupting their activities. They do not like to take advantage of other people, and are happy with their family. They love peace, justice, religion, culture, tradition and have a strong sense of morals. They are diligent, but not overly acute.

5. Mole or Birthmark on the Left or Right Temple

Such people are neat, polite, gentle, solemn, quiet and religious. They are wise, thoughtful, humble and realistic. They have a nice life as a child, but have a rough time in their teenage years, especially in romance and financial matters. After the age of 22 years, they slowly gain happiness. Several people often treat them unfairly; however, others respect them due to his integrity, fairness, morality and education.

6. Mole or Birthmark on Left or Right eyebrow

Such people want the best things in life, like a nice home and a good job. They tend to be somewhat extravagant at times. If a man, such people will be involved with many women in their life, and there will be hardships to face because of a woman. They are artistic and enjoy most social situations. They are capable of making good money, but have difficulty in trying to save any of it. They do not face hard times when young, although are often ill.

7. Mole or Birthmark on the Left or Right Eyeball

A person with a birthmark on his eyeball is neat in his personal habits, is very ambitious, and also very selfish and stingy with his money. He has strong emotions. He is a calm and intelligent person, and has many good ideas, but can also be bad tempered at times. He is charming and has power within himself, and will never be poor because other people believe in him. Such people marry someone who is rich and neat in habits.

8. Mole or Birthmark on the Ear

A mole on the ear is an auspicious sign as it represents good luck. It also suggests high IQ and quick thinking. If a mole is found on both ears then the person would be very influential and enjoy a successful and comfortable life. It indicates a good marriage when a mole is found on the left ear.

9. Mole or Birthmark on the Eyes

Moles found close to the eyes symbolize ‘tears’. Generally, moles or marks below the eyes come in top of the priority for removal. However, do make sure that you dont end up with a scar from the mole removal as it may worsen your luck. A mole beside the outer edge of the eye means money luck and many good friends. But the weakness is that the person tends to succumb to the charms of the opposite sex.

10. Mole or Birthmark on the Nose

A mole on the nose means sexual desire and a quick temper. Moles in the center of the nose are bad signs. Those who have this may have a tendency to overspend, indulge in gambling and flirt voraciously. A mole on the nose bridge (an area of health palace) is also not a good sign as it warns you of a poor health and a weak immune system. A mole located just underneath or next to your nose wings is also a positive sign. This ‘Treasure Guardian’ serves like a guard protecting the nose tip (the wealth palace).

11. Mole or Birthmark on the Cheeks

A mole on the left cheek tells of a person who is generous, kind-hearted, sympathetic, and easy to get on with. They enjoy light-hearted flirting and remain young at heart. A mole on the right cheek means the person needs to watch his/her tongue. The person tends to be disrespectful and may have a habit of giving away secrets and enjoy a good gossip.

12. Mole or Birthmark on the Lips

People with moles on their lips are usually very talkative, they ask and talk a lot. They are also highly sexed and enjoy eating a lot. The downside is that these people may not be able to keep secret for a long time. A mole on the upper lip represents a person who is charismatic, persuasive, and charming, especially with the opposite sex. A mole on the lower lip represents a person who is studious and conscientious. A mole on the right or left corner of the upper lip is called the ‘food luck’ mole. This shows a person who can enjoy good food and often do not need to pay for them!

13. Mole or Birthmark on the Back

The pilgrim who carries this mark may not make much progress. He is given to baser instincts and appetites being lazy by nature and lustful in thought. A man who depends upon others and feels the world owes him a living. It is doubtful that he will marry because no lady will accept this burden and they become wary of his advances which are reflective of lust rather than love.

14. Mole or birthmark on either Armpit

This person may have mixed emotions which he finds difficult to control. Unkindness, temper and selfishness may sometimes be his master. Ambitious by nature his success is, nevertheless, thrashed by lack of understanding and credibility. Perhaps he is destined to remain single because he can find happiness and peace in a religious order. However, if he marries it will be to someone he meets in mid-life – and the person in question will bring him all sorts of troubles. Better he remains single.

15. Mole or Birthmark around the Navel

So marked, this person will display many of the better life-qualities. Intelligent and very aware of social responsibilities, he will constantly help those in need whether they be relatives or welfare organizations. A genuinely nice and kind man, he must guard against being considered a “soft touch” by those who wish to ingratiate themselves.

There are a lot more interpretations covering almost all the body parts that have a birthmark. I don’t know how accurate these analyses are but they are quite illustrious and legendary. What’s you take? Can there be traces of truth in these predictions or are these mere superstitions? Do share your views as comments below…

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