What Your Laugh Reveals About Your Personality

You might not believe it, but an individual’s laughter greatly mirrors their own personality. By just hearing someone’s laughter, one can assume the individual’s general attitude towards life. Find out what your laugh says about you today!

Find out what your laugh reveals about you!

People have their own style when it comes to laughter. Some people can laugh and guffaw really loud while others tend to giggle and laugh discreetly. The various ways of laughing can be classified under different categories allowing an individual the ability to determine the personality of the other person. Do you know which category your laugh belongs to?

Types of laughs: Guffaw People who laugh discretely at first then emit a full-blown guffaw at the end, are categorized as ‘carry-on’ laughers. Individuals who laugh like this are often viewed as naturally fun because of their contagious laughter. People who have this deep-belly laugh are viewed as down to earth, uninhibited, and sociable.

Giggling is often associated with teenage girls but even adult men and women giggle at times. Giggles are actually shy, suppressed acts of laughter that individuals make to avoid appearing rude or condescending. Giggling individuals are actually considered to be very naughty, who do not act on their mischievous tendencies. They prefer to let others do it and just cheer from the side.


People tend to snort whenever they try to suppress a really loud laugh. Snorting laughers are considered to be people who are shy and modest. Since it is not their personality to laugh hard and loud, they tend to just bottle it when they find something really funny.


Cackles are described as really loud laughs that can be heard even amidst a noisy crowd. A person who cackles is often the life of the party because of their boldness and self-confidence.


A laughter made under breath is described as a snicker. Mischievous and witty people are known to snicker. They tend to find humour on most things compared to an average person. People who constantly snicker, are carefree and easy to get along with.
Wheeze Individuals who laugh like they are having an asthma attack are called the wheezers. They are actually boisterous laughers. But because of circumstances that do not allow them to laugh out loud, they mask their laughs into wheezes to avoid being caught. Typically, a wheezer is a jolly individual but restrains from letting his sense of humour out.

Mirthless laugh Mirthless laugher is described as someone who laughs loud with their mouth open, but with a humourless expression on their face. People with this type of laugh aren’t really fond of jokes but they don’t want to appear rude or impolite, hence the somewhat fake laughter.
Benefits of laughing
At the end of the day, it doesn’t actually matter what your laugh sounds like, as long as you make it a habit to laugh even in dire situations. Laughter can eliminate tension and help in cheering up other people. Laughing also has several health benefits too. Studies show that laughter:
Improves breathing since laughing forces out air, thus cleansing our lungs.Gives your abs a workout, especially if your laugh is prone to come from deep within your belly. Lowers blood pressure and keeps oxygen pumping in the heart.
Go ahead and laugh even if sometimes the situation does not call for it. Make yourself comfortable and calm by laughing. How does your laugh sound like? Does your laugh sound really loud or do you prefer to keep it to yourself? We’d love to hear from you.