Why Is There a Tiny Hole In Between The Camera and Flash on iPhones?

iPhones are considered as most trusted and valuable phones and no matter how much we call ourselves a pro in using and understanding iPhone, there are many things we still don’t know about it. There always seems to be something new that we’re learning about iPhones.
At the back of your iPhone between camera and flash have you ever wondered why there is a tiny black hole? Is it a reset button ? Is it a light sensor? Is it a microphone? or something else.
People have had multiple theories as to what it is. One theory is that it’s a reset button. Does that mean you should go poking things into it? Probably not, because it’s not actually a reset button.
Turns out, it is a tiny microphone but it doesn’t actually listen to your voice. This microphone is called noise canceling microphone which can virtually eliminate background noises so that the caller on the other end hears only crystal clear voice.
noise cancelling microphone2
Every since the iPhone 5, the iPhone has a total of 3 external microphones. The main one at the bottom is to pick up your own voice, and the other two work together to provide enhanced noise cancellation of background noise. So basically, Apple wants you, and whoever you’re calling, to have the ultimate experience. Whenever you’re recording a video, you can thank the three microphones for the great audio.