9 Warning Signs Your Headache Is Dangerous

Most all of us have experienced a headache at some point in out lives, but we all experience them a little differently. To some of us, headaches are a mild annoyance that are basically harmless, while others see headaches as near death experiences.

The severity of your pain will most likely depend on whether you are experiencing a cluster headache, a tension headache, or a migraine.

Most people think throwing back some Advil will make the pain go away, but if that method fails to work, your headache could be a sign of something much worse.

If you are notice any of these warning signs your headache could be something much more dangerous.

1. Headaches with neck pain

If your headache is accompanied by face and neck pain, it has the potential to tear one of your four carotid arteries located along the side of your neck.

Any kind of damage done to these arteries could result in a large accumulation of blood that blocks the flow of fresh blood from your heart to your brain, and has the potential to cause a stroke.

2. Headaches and numbness

Experiencing a headache with numbness and weakness focused on one half of your head could be a possible sign of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis.

This means you have an excess amount of blood or bleeding around your brain, which is another major cause of a stroke.

3. The thunderclap headache

These headaches really live up to their name because they strike suddenly like thunder and lightening, and can leave your head throbbing in pain for about a minute.

However, if your pain returns after an hour, it could be the start of a fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

4. Headaches with vision impairment

Giant Cell Arteritis is a condition where the arteries in your head become inflamed. The inflammation is often accompanied by pain behind your eyes, in your upper neck, and in the back of your head.

It is also common to experience blurred vision, and if gone untreated for too long it could increase your risk of stroke, and even lead to permanent blindness.

5. Headaches related to injuries

If you crashed on your bike, or injured yourself in a football or basketball game, and begin experiencing headaches within 10 days of the event, there is a very high possibility you're suffering from a concussion.

6. Headaches with a stiff neck

This is most likely a warning sign of meningitis because about 95 percent of all patients experiencing meningitis report getting headaches accompanied by a stiff neck.

7. Headaches after a one night stand

If you find yourself getting headaches after one night stands, or other risky behaviors, you should get yourself checked out as soon as you can because headaches are one of the main symptoms of HIV.

8. Headaches after physical activity

Getting headaches after exercising, or working out is a probable sign of dehydration. So, next time you're going out for an intense workout, bring a water bottle to make sure you stay properly hydrated.

9. Headaches and pregnancy

It is actually somewhat common to experience headaches more often while you're pregnant, but if getting headaches is unusual for you, it would be wise to schedule a trip to your doctor.