These Diseases Are ALL Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

Looking deeper in the history the origins of the microwaves dates from the World War II when two scientists invented a magnetron which produces microwaves. The combination of the magnetrons in the British radar system allowed them to bomb the British Isles since the microwaves could find the Nazi airplanes.

A few years later, Percy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon Company accidentally found out that microwaves can also cook food. By accident, he found that a candy bar that he carried in his pocket was melted by radar waves.
In fact, the Radar Range, which was the first microwave oven on the market, was as large as a refrigerator.

Research showed that microwave ovens are harmful to our health.
The process of heating and cooking the food in microwave oven:
Specifically, alternating currents make atoms reverse their polarity, thus producing friction and vibrating the water inside of the food molecules, so that the food is heated up.
There are 2.45 billion hertz inside a microwave that is good, until the seal on the microwave’s door ages and starts leaking. It has been found that 10 hertz is the frequency amount that has harmful effects on the human body.
This is why should be careful and never stand close to the microwave while the working process.
Which harmful disease can be triggered with the usage of microwave?
  • Weakened immune system
  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Cataracts (since there is a lack of blood vessels in our eyes to dissipate the microwave’s heat and cellular stress)
  • Viral and bacterial infection decreased resistance
  • Other serious illnesses
What microwave does to the food?
  • Breakdowns chemical and molecular bonds
  • All of the nutritive compositions are degraded and depleted by microwaving the food, proven by the study conducted by the Swiss scientist Hans Hertel.
  • Microwave’s radiation destroys and deforms food molecules, which is a result in gaining harmful and radioactive compounds.
  • 96% of the breast milk antibodies are destroyed with microwaving (NEVER HEAT BREAST MILK)
  • The structure of Infant formulas is altered by microwaving. Namely, it changes the components in amino acids, thus resulting in immunological abnormalities
In 1992 was conducted a research which examined the effects of participants which consume microwaved vegetables. Here is the report:
  • They had rapidly elevated cholesterol levels
  • Reduced hemoglobin, which leads to anemic-like conditions
  • Reduced white blood cells
  • Poisoning and cell damage with elevated leukocytes
You are still exposed to dangerous levels of electromagnetic fields even in case your microwave oven is ideally sealed. What’s more, EMF can actually enter into human bodies and lead to serious health issues.
Limited exposure to EMF of .5mG – 2.5mG is recommended by the EPA. So in case you stand 4 inches from your microwave that is operating, then you will be exposed to 100 – 500mG.
On the other hand, if you stand 3 feet away from your microwave that is operating, you will be exposed to 1 – 25mG.