It's Time To Move On And Heal My Heart

My life was already messed up when I met you but you made it more miserable by breaking my heart .The most painful thing in my life is that I loved you with all my honestly and conviction and I got cheated by you. The last thing I ever wanted in my life was a man playing Russian Roulette with my heart. I always feared falling in love and I always feared the thought of sharing my heart with anyone but I trusted you. I don’t know why but I felt that you would never shatter my dreams. I wanted to give love another chance. But as luck would have it I got back more pain from you than I had ever imagined. All I wanted from you was your honesty, transparency and truthfulness. All I wanted was a closure from the pain I was suffering. . I was craving for emotional faithfulness from you but you never cared for my emotions. I can endure pain that I get from a lot of other messed up things in my life but I can’t fathom a love that is disloyal or dishonest. I wanted you to show some empathy for my sentiments and respect my feelings. Now I have to move out of this painful bond and gather my emotional courage to start my life all over again. Maybe I will forgive you but can never forget that you left me broken hearted for ever. .. Aarti Khurana