People Think Brown Rice is Better Than White Because They Don’t Know This

White is usually the color that we associate with unhealthy and refined foods. This is because white foods usually have a healthier option which is brown such as flour, sugar etc. However, this is not the case with rice. Many people think that white rice is unhealthy and that it increases blood sugar when consumed. Probably because of the effects of white bread for example that has a high glycemic index as well as other white carbohydrate foods.

The ability of rice to increase blood sugar levels is not determined by its color but by its type. For example, whether brown or white, basmati rice always has a low glycemic index. A study published in the The International Journal of Food Sciences discovered that brown basmati rice increases the blood glucose levels more than white basmati rice.

The study included 14 healthy participants which were given 11 different types of rice that included white and brown basmati rice. Then, the blood glucose levels of the participants were measured to see which type of rice belongs to which category of glycemic index- either medium-high or low.

At the end, they concluded that white basmati rice has low glycemic index and brown has medium-high. This means that the color does not reveal the ability of the rice to increase blood sugar levels.

However, this does not mean that you should completely avoid brown rice, but it does contain more phytates than white, which are known as anti-nutrient due to the ability to prevent nutrient absorption in the body. This is not life-threatening or extremely dangerous, but if consumed in large amounts it could cause to mineral deficiency which lead to various symptoms.

We believe that this article explained the difference in white and brown rice and that now you know which one is healthier. It is always the best to do some research on your own. Even though many people around you say something, it does not mean that they are always right. So, choose the right type of rice for your body and health, only after knowing all the facts.