6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Is Emotionally Exhausted

A strong woman never compromises on her independence, and a lot of times she doesn't get the support she deserves, even emotionally

Fierce and strong women often make things look easy around them. They are efficient and caring at the same time, They are some of the most enduring caregivers and they perform responsibilities exceedingly well. Even while juggling multiple things at once, they don't let their problems come in the way. However, sometimes they can also feel the strain of being stressed out and dealing with a lot all on their own.

Emotional exhaustion can make you feel hopeless and drained out. Such exhaustion shows its effects at work as well as your time with friends and family. It can lead to sub-par performances at work and not living the quality of life they actually desire. Though strong women are amazing at what they do, they still need to know why they get emotionally exhausted. Here are 6 reasons why a strong woman is emotionally exhausted: 

1. You do not seek emotional security, even when you want it sometimes

You have been the master of your fears and feelings for a long time. While not many can keep up with their betrayals and things that have hurt them, you have managed to survive and move on. Now you don't look for emotionally security from people as much as you'd like or want it in some form - making sure that you are not betrayed again. 

2. You keep giving, but don't ask for anything in return

Strong ones often try to be the most resourceful when it comes to being caregivers. When it comes to friends or family, you don't hold back in caring for them. When you keep thinking about everyone else and putting others before you, it can take a huge toll on anybody. Though your strength keeps you going, emotional exhaustion gets to you.

3. You take the hurt, but you keep the pain inside

Being a strong woman, you don't let too much negativity get to you. While striving to be yourself and living your individuality, you don't let toxic criticism get to you. However, a lot of the times people you love can hurt you - unintentionally and intentionally. However much in control you are, it is natural for your emotions to get affected. Though it hurts you, you carry on ahead with strength and grace. But it makes you emotionally fatigued as you don't share the pain and deal with it alone. 

4. You're not given care, even when you need it

Despite dealing with the hectic life and responsibilities, your care almost never fails to get to the others. But when it comes to getting care, you don't let anyone know that. Since you have been your own caregiver, you feel you don't have anybody at all. However, we all need someone to care of us from time to time, and its absence can lead to burnout and exhaustion without you realizing it. 

5. You don't ask for people's love

Your drive for efficiency makes you understand that everyone has priorities. Since you are a strong one, you can manage to be the caregiver, lover and fighter for others, but are often taken for granted for being able to do all that. A lot of selfish people can only feed off your love, but they don't love you back, and you don't ask for it. Not being given the love you deserve can lead to a build-up of distress and later, emotional exhaustion. 

6. You're very cautious about sharing your problems with anyone else

Complications are bound to arise when you are trying to be the one for everyone, all by yourself. While your smarts and experience make you able to take care of problems, sharing goes a long way in reducing the stress which you're likely to face. But you think that sharing problems with others will burden them and make them pity you - two things you never want. Due to this, your emotional exhaustion is bound to appear sooner or later.