When a Woman no longer gets frustrated with you

If the woman barking your important to her, but if she stop, then your nothing anymore. You have no place in her heart. ~ Dolly Laudato 

In any relationship, not caring about the others well being is a red flag. If you cry and they don’t care or take any action to make you happy, you have problems. ~ Nora Waltman 

People who have treated their partners badly over and over, they point out that she/he no longer questions or complains and they think it’s because their actions have finally been forgiven or just accepted and they are now trusted. Not true – their partners have just given up and no longer care. They stick around simply for kids, money – something. If your actions/words no longer seem to affect a person, then they no longer have the strong feelings towards you they once did. ~ Rhiannon Friend

Sometimes when a person is silent that means there is a crashing thunder going on inside him.

My silence hold more power than my words can.