New CEO Wanted

Once a chairmen was confused in selecting his company`s new CEO as every contender was equally experienced and had near to same accomplishments.They all were young energetic and well qualified. To chose the best among them, he decided to take a test. 

One day he called every one of them at his home.And took them on tour of his opulent mansion. In the back of the property, the Chairmen has the largest swimming pool any of them has ever seen.The huge pool, however, was filled with hungry alligators, with lots of sharp nails and wires in it.

The Chairmen said to his executives "I think an executive should be measured by courage. Courage is what made me Rich. So this is my challenge to each of you: if anyone has enough courage to dive into the pool, swim through those alligators, and make it to the other side, I will give that person anything they desire. My job, my money, my house, anything!"

Everyone laughs at the outrageous offer and proceeds to follow the Chairmen on the tour of the
estate. Suddenly, they hear a loud splash. Everyone turns around and sees the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in the pool, swimming for his life. 

He dodges the alligators left and right and makes it to the edge of the pool with seconds to spare.He pulls himself out just as a huge alligator snaps at his shoes.His shirt was torn, pant had a mark of alligator`s tooth.

The flabbergasted Chairman approached the CFO and says, "You are amazing. I've never seen
anything like it in my life. You are brave beyond measure and anything I own is yours. Tell me what I can do for you.

The CFO, panting for breath, looks up and yelled, "leave everything...Just  tell me who the hell pushed me in the pool!"