Best Relationship Advice

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to do more for yourself. Be independent, have your own opinions, enjoy your own interests. Even harder for some of us, do for yourself the things you want done, give yourself the things you want to receive. Now I’m not suggesting that you become selfish and only do things for yourself. Not at all! But you know those things you want from your loved ones? The things they seem unable or unwilling to give? What if you gave them to yourself? If you love art galleries, instead of waiting for someone to go with you, go by yourself. Instead of waiting to be invited to dinner, do the inviting. Instead of hinting about what you want, ask for it. Waiting for someone else to bring you flowers puts pressure on them and denies you the pleasure of enjoying those blooms. Instead, plant your own garden, decorate your own soul, take responsibility for your own happiness. And then if someone brings you flowers, it will be an added joy.