Moles On The Face And What They Mean?

The Chinese Almanac, also known as the Tung Shu, is commonly known as the book of auspicious and inauspicious dates, but there is so much more to Tung Shu than that. This is a huge source of information relating to astrology, codes and symbols derived wise sages and philosophers of ancient China. In this issue, we bring to you the secrets from the almanac regarding moles on the face and what they mean depending on which part of your face they appear.

First, check your face for any moles, and then look at the pic above to determine the number(s) that are closest to the moles on your face. As a rule, praying only hold meaning for you if they are prominent and they are the only one. If your face if full of spots, acne or "little" they say, they do not count. When you set that corresponds to the position of a mole on your face, look at the values ​​listed numbers below.

Position 1 to 3:
As a child, you are somewhat rebellious and a free spirit. You have an intane creativity and work best when you have a free hand. Generally, your superiors like your approach to life. If you have a mole here, you are much better in the business and be your own boss rather than working for someone else. What promises that you happen to be your own boss.

Position 4:
You are an impulsive person, often acting with a brightness that gives you charisma and a sparkling personality, but you can be difficult when there are too many opinions. You tend to be quite controversial, but not to the extent of the offense. This mole tends to give you an explosive temper and if you decide to remove it, you will find yourself becoming calmer and more at peace with the world.

Position 5:
Mole above the eyebrow indicates that there is wealth luck in your life, but you will need to work and earn more than most people. You must be carefully kept as there are people who are jealous of you who might try to sweet talk you into parting with wealth. Be wary of those who try to interest you in get-rich- quick schemes. If you have a mole here, it is advisable not too trusting of others. Follow your instincts and be cautious. And never allow other people to manage their finances.

Position 6:
They say here indicates intelligence, creativity and skill as an artist. Your artistic talent can bring you wealth, fame and success. It also indicates wealth luck, but this can only be fully realized if you follow your heart rather than stick to conventional means of livelihood. Success will come if you are brave.

Position 7:
Moles under the eyebrows indicate arguments within the extended family that cause you grief and unhappiness. It will affect your work and livelihood. It is advisable to settle any differences you have with your relatives if you want peace of mind to move forward.

Position 8:
This is not a good position for a mole. Your financial position will constantly be under strain because of overspend. You also have a penchant for gambling. The only thing you have to know when to stop. At the same time, someone with a mole here has a tendency to flirt with the opposite sex, as well as with the same sex. It is better to be a little discerning where you exert your charms, or you might get into trouble.

Position 9:
This mole position suggests sexual and other problems. It is an unfortunate mole and you are well advised to get rid of it. It brings a series of disasters and a parade of problems.

Position 10:
They say here right under the nose indicates excellent descendants luck. You are surrounded by family at all times and will have many children and grandchildren. You have a family to support you and will be both materially and emotionally fulfilled.

Position 11:
Moles here suggest a tendency to succumb to the disease. It's a good idea to have this mole removed especially if it is a large, dark mole. Otherwise, use a lot of groundwork to cover it.

Position 12:
They say here foretells a successful but also a very balanced life. You probably will not just rich, but famous as well. But although you have every opportunity to live the high life, you will have a satisfying home and family life as well. Women with moles here are particularly fortunate, and tend to be beautiful and glamorous as well.

Position 13:
Your children will be a big concern in your life. Your relationship with them is not good. There is nothing much you can do about it, except that, to learn some tolerance.

Position 14:
They say here implies vulnerability to food which can be a big problem in your life. You may be allergic to certain foods or you can simply eat too much.

Position 15:
You people are always on the move and constantly updating and redesigning your home. You want to get to know new things and see new places. You are not happy if you remain in one place for long. You enjoy travel and adventure, and have a very observant eye.

Position 16:
You have to be careful when it comes to food, as well as when it comes to your sex life. These are your two biggest problems. You tend to have weight issues which can make you depressed. You enjoy romance, sometimes with more than one person, but because you are a person with some morality, you will feel guilty, and it will cause you a lot of stress.

Position 17:
You will be someone of great social importance. You are active on the social scene. There is a tendency to become big headed about your success, which could lose you your good name. This will affect you deeply because you draw your confidence and self-esteem on what others think of you.

Position 18:
You are a person always on the move. There is a large foreign travel in your life, but you should take extra care each time you cross the great waters, as your mole prefers you to stay at home.

Position 19:
You have money luck and many good friends, so this is a good mole to have. Your weakness is that you tend to succumb to the charm of the opposite sex. In your life, this is what you could get in hot water, so cool your ardor.

Position 20:
They say here can be very lucky or very unlucky. If you have a mole here, you are destined either for extreme fame or infamy. You have a great talent for creativity and are also highly intelligent, but your talents can be used for both good and bad. You are not a man to be trifled with for you is no pushover and do not forgive and forget easily. This mole is a sign of someone who will go down in history as either a major or as a tyrant.

Position 21:
This is a good mole, as it suggests plenty to eat and drink throughout your life. This mole also brings fame and recognition.

Position 22:
Your life is always happy and things go smoothly for you. You could very well be a sports superstar if you have the passion for it. Moles at the end of eyebrows also suggest a person of authority and power, so if you are the CEO of the company, you will do very well.

Position 23:
You have a high IQ, and you are both brain smart and street smart. You have a highly developed survival instinct and lead a meaningful and long life. You will not be active until a very old age and will have friends and family around you till the very end.

Position 24:
You will achieve fame and fortune in your young age and you are advised to use this period to safeguard your old age, as people with moles here tend to harder life as they get older.

Position 25:
You will enjoy good prosperity and recognition luck, but be careful of excesses. Stay in your traditional attitudes and you will have a long and fruitful life.