9 tips to work out a long distance relationship

Today is truly the tech age. People manage work from home. They can be best friends with someone who is half way around the world. They can have a love interest is in a different continent. In such a modern, tech savvy age, long distance relationships are no strange thing to people. It might be that your spouse has to move to a different city or country for work or that your new boyfriend is somebody you met online and lives in a different continent. It can be that you both met at a friend’s wedding and now one of you has to head back to their home country. Several scenarios, several reasons, but it all boils down to one thing – a long distance relationship. Those three words can be quite frightening to some people, mostly because long distance relations don’t usually work for long.

Several reasons like lack of hanging around, lack of trust and time differences can result into a break up. But is it really that difficult to work it out? Of course, no one wants to be in a long distance relationship forever, but if it is temporary or for a couple of years, and you really love your partner, don’t you think it deserves an honest try?

Some tips to work out a long distance relationship:

1. Send sweet texts

When you meet someone everyday or every week, slowly you stop texting or calling them that often. But when your loved one lives quite far from you, sending sweet love messages or texts bring an instant smile to their face. If you aren’t very expressive, it is the best chance to let your partner know how much you care for them via texting.

2. Long phone calls

Phone calls with friends and partners usually range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes when they see you every day. But when they are apart, being on a phone call for two to three hours a day is no big deal. In fact, it is necessary to talk to them at length every day, to keep them in the loop and be in their loop.

3. Do something together on social networks

This depends on personal preference. Some people have a low profile on social networks. But people who are more outgoing on social networks can create virtual events or pages about each other. If you and your fiancé live apart and are about to get married soon, you can create a wedding website sharing special moments and photos from courtship to the wedding with your friends and family.

4. Use messengers like Facebook

Skype or other messengers with voice and webcam facility can be a relief to those in long distance relations. Seeing your loved one or your little son or daughter on cam can be so relieving. Although it is nothing like when you meet someone personally, it is quite relaxing to see your loved one face to face even through the digital technology.

5. Give space

This is pretty necessary when in a long distance relation. You might be free at a particular time of the day, but hey, your partner might be busy with something important. It can be more awkward if they live in another continent. They might be sleeping or at work, while you’re idle or wanting to talk. Giving enough space for each other’s routine is absolutely essential.

6. Have faith

Girls usually tend to give let their minds wander in a long distance relation. If their boyfriend or spouse is not answering or replying, they might end up building a whole story in their brain about them and start hating on them. Take deep breaths! Just because your partner has an attractive co worker doesn’t mean he is cheating on you with them. Maybe they are busy or are sleeping. Having faith and trusting is important if a long distance relationship is to work for even a week.

7. Regular meet ups

Let’s face it; there is no incentive to carrying a long distance relation if it is to be JUST THAT. Make time for your loved one to meet them at least five to six times a year, if not more. You both need a break and deserve to unwind. More than that, there has to be a reason to carry on with someone. If the person is never going to meet you or see you in real, then its best to get out of such a relation.

8. Assurance

Just as keeping faith and trust is important for a relationship to thrive, it is important to constantly assure your partner. Assurance that you still love them and have no interest in anyone else whatsoever, will give them a relaxed sleep at night.

9. Set a routine for talking

It is important to set a time which is comfortable to both of you for talking. Without a fixed routine for talking, the talks will slowly become lesser and lesser, and eventually lead to actual distance between you both and then a break up. Set a routine, where both of you will catch up with each other and share the things happening in life with each other.

What are your tips to maintain a healthy long distance relation? Share your thoughts in comment section.