Top 10 Turn-Ons For Women Every Man Should Know

Whereas men are most visually and physically stimulated, much of a woman’s ability to be turned on relies on what’s going on her mind, emotions, and the gradual building of desire. For those who find women’s requirements for a horizontal tango a bit tricky, here are 10 turn-on tips you must know.

Improve The Atmosphere
Filthy surroundings, bad smells, or distractions such as loud noises and barking dogs will kill the mood for a girl in no time. To turn her on improving the environment by keeping it clean, improving smell by lighting some scented candles or playing some music you know she enjoys.

Start Off with Sensual Touches
Women like to ease into romance moment, so when first initiating start out with long, gentle caresses that will tease her into wanting more. Starting out too rough or groping will feel jarring and put her off.

Whisper in Her Ear
This is easy, yet very effective way of turning her on, especially when out in public. Whispering what you want to do with her later will give her the excitement of anticipating getting to be alone with you later.

Kiss her Neck
Lifting her hair and kissing the nape of her neck is sure to send shivers down her spine.

Get Verbal
Women feel under a lot of pressure to live up to today’s beauty standards, so telling her how beautiful and hot she is (especially when the clothes come off) will really turn her on and release some of her inhibitions. Be specific about what you love about her body.

Make Her a Meal
Romantic gestures are imperative to get a woman in the mood, and feeding her will make her feel cherished. If you’re not confident in your cooking skills, even preparing a platter of fruit and chocolate or something simple you know she loves will earn you big points.

Help Her Relax
Women need to be relaxed before they can get turned on, so in order to set yourself up for success make sure she’s relaxed. You can do this by running her a bath, doing some of the house chores, or by helping her check things off her to-do list.

Be Passionate
Women get turned on when men are expressive too, so when things start to heat up get passionate and enthusiastic about what you’re doing. Some men can be silent, stoic, and hard to read, and that’s no fun for her.

Make Eye Contact
This doesn’t mean to stare at her the whole time you’re kissing, but looking directly into her eyes while you caress her will make her feel more connected as well as weak in the knees.

Make Her Feel Desired
Women get really turned on by being an object of deep desire, in fact, many of the efforts women go through is solely for feeling desirable. Make her feel desired by touching her often, telling her how much you want her, and kissing her deeply.

You’re sure to get good results by trying any one of these tips on the list, but try adding a few to your move set and watch her become putty in your hands.