The Shape of Your NOSE Describes Your Character!

The nature of man is determined by the construction of the nose itself. For example, the look of the nose’s tip determines the general attitude towards money. For people with big tip, it is important to set the budget. People with small or pointed tip do not care about money so much. The tip of the nose pointing downwards means that the person wisely manages his wealth.


People with such a nose shape are born leaders. They are ambitious and aspire to leadership. They are self-confident, independent, willing to work independently than in a group. Such people are quick to make decisions and are perceived as perfectionists. They are not afraid of challenges and hard work in pursuit of their goal. They can take risks if the situation requires so.


People with such a nose are warm, sensitive and very kind. They have a nice character and are friendly. They do not have trouble making contacts. Others consider them as creative, spontaneous and fun. People with such noses are trustworthy and very helpful. They are ready for any sacrifices in the name of friendship, eager to offer help and like to feel part of the group.


People with such a nose are very nice and loyal. But above all, they are extremely sensitive and tend to stay in the background. They do not like to stick out, they are shy and often isolate themselves from the world. They like to keep a distance, but if they make friendship they are very dedicated to it. They can listen carefully. They are very hardworking, both mentally and physically.


This is an attribute of dynamic people, full of life and desire to have fun. Their owners are people who like sports and travel. They like to spend time actively, appreciate freedom and open space. They rely on their intuition, so they make decisions quickly and efficiently. Such people have artistic talents or are successful in business. They work well as leaders.


It has a small hump, growing about halfway up the ridge. Owners of such a nose are bold, charismatic and determined. They know exactly what they want. They rarely act impulsively, have a strong personality and often seek power. They like to say the last sentence, they can mobilize people to act. Often they occupy an influential position. People with such noses are also very passionate.


Simple nose, with a rather decisive shape.The owners of such noses are intelligent, optimistic and cool-headed. They are characterized by romantic temperament and great empathy. Their consistency in pursuit of goal or success and strong self-discipline make them the perfect leaders. These are people involved in many things and enjoy popularity.


Typical for people who are independent, and full of enthusiasm. They rarely care about what others say, they are ambitious and well-managed. The special feature of these people is the caution. Sometimes they are rebellious, they like to walk their own way. To pursue the goal they would go regardless of all; happiness is for them first and foremost to achieve the goal. People with such noses value friendship and family.


Although it is often said that a person with such a nose likes to exalt, it is not true. The owner of this type of nose is first and foremost an optimist. Such a person is polite, enthusiastic and full of life. It means a kind and caring person who is very supportive of family and friends. The one that is also very loving, like spending time with loved ones, and are very trustful.


The nose is short, broad, rather characteristic of dark-skinned people. It means people with passion, ideas, and creativity. Owners of such noses are pierced and interesting in world and people. They have a lot of charisma and enthusiasm in pursuit of the goal. Others consider them to be sparing, persistent, and outstanding. It turns out that the wider the nostrils, the more independent and self-sufficient person is.


The nose is short, small, rounded. Its owners are smart and more sophisticated than others. They have good reflexes, rely on their intuitions, and use their instinct to make a decision. Sometimes they are too impulsive. But they come to life with enthusiasm, they are very passionate and family-lovers. They are willing to sacrifice for the loved ones.