16 Reasons to Have S*x Daily

“Not tonight…my head hurts.” The infamous line that men despise. There’s many excuses to avoid frequent s*x, but perhaps if people knew the benefits, the excuses would decrease and the fun would increase.

1) Natural pain relief. S*x produces the hormone oxytocin, which can help ease pain.
2) Builds intimacy. Oxytocin also builds trust and brings couples closer together.
3) Lower blood pressure. Joseph J. Pinzone, medical director of Amai Wellness says, “Research suggests a link between s*x and lower blood pressure.”
4) Healthy heart. A study conducted by the New England Research Institute concluded that men who had frequent s*x were 45% less likely to experience heart diseases.
5) Longer life span. S*x is exercise. A healthy heart results from regular sessions.
6) Natural cure for stress. The Public Library of Science conducted an experiment using male rats, and found that the more se*ually active the rats were, the less stressed they were.
7) Fights anxiety and depression. Another advantage of those “feel-good” hormones.
8) Induces sleep. During s*x, the body produces dopamine, a substance that helps fight stress. Less stress leads to a better night’s rest.
9) Builds your immunity. More s*x increases Immunoglobulin A, an antigen that helps fight sickness.
10) Lower risk of prostate cancer. In a recent study cited by Daily Health Post, it was discovered that frequent s*x can decrease a man’s chance of developing prostate cancer by as much as 33%.
11) Helps keep you fit. Who doesn’t want to burn some calories and have fun at the same time?
12) Regular periods. S*x regulates hormones, which in turn regulate menstrual cycles.
13) Stronger pelvic muscles. S*x uses several muscles, making them stronger.
14) Happiness. One U.S. study (Money, S*x, and Happiness – published by The National Bureau of Economic Research) proved that s*x makes people happy longer than money.
15) Increases flexibility. Perhaps even more than yoga.
16) Energy. Men can actually transfer energy through testosterone in their semen.
So, educate your partners on the perks of daily s*x, and maybe the benefits (and fun) will increase for everyone.