7 Things Never To Do When Relationships End

Many believe love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. When you’re in love your on cloud 9, you love your partner with all your heart and things seem perfect, but sometimes as your relationship grows feelings start fading and you no longer feel the same love for your partner. Reality takes over and you see the truth about your partner. Doing silly things from the trauma is normal, but there are a few things you should never do when your relationship ends:

• Beg for love
This is the worst thing you can do. Don’t beg your partner, this shows you are weak and vulnerable. Later on you will probably regret this and hate yourself for doing it. It’s not going to help, if they are going to change their mind they will do it without you begging.

• Stay lonely
Don’t be a loner. Hang out with friends, enjoy parties, go to clubs, play your favorite sport, pursue hobbies, and spend time with your family These things will help you get your happy back, now you are free and single. Let your former partner see you happy.

• Fight your emotions
You may be emotionally shattered, and it’s natural to feel sad, and that’s okay. You may feel mixed emotions like anger, frustration, sorrow, fear, confusion, or relief. Identify your feelings and act wisely, suppressing your emotions will only prolong the grieving process. Have a good cry then don’t cry again over it. When you can’t laugh at the same joke repeatedly why cry for the same sorrow?

• Try to be friends
It’s often said that exes can never really be friends except in extraordinary cases. When you learn your ex is dating or marrying someone else it can be frustrating. Accept that this is a past chapter in your life, start fresh and make it worth having.

• Call/text/e-mail
Calling, texting, e-mailing, and visiting your ex will make you seem desperate. Your ex will laugh at your desperate attempts to get him back. This leaves a bad impression and it’s doubtful you will get anything out of it. There’s a chance this gets irritating and he will block you.

• Sacrifice your standards
Moving on is important but not at the cost your standards. Maintain your standards and don’t rush into another relationship to make your ex jealous. Make sure the next person you are with is who you deserve.

• Keep the gifts
Ever heard the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind?” Don’t even think of keeping the remnants. You may have exchanged gifts, cards, clothes, or jewelry with your partner during the relationship, this is the time to wrap them up and throw them away. It will help you get over your partner and move on. When you have things that belonged to your ex in front of you, it reminds you of the past and the good times you shared, which can make you sad. This does not apply of you have children together, your children may someday treasure the love that brought them into the world, just put it in storage.