3 Main Reasons Why Most Relationships End Up Failing

In America, the divorce rate is at all-time highs. Long term relationships are fewer and further between. Breakups happen for a variety of reasons, but these are the big 3:
1. No communication.
Lack of communication happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we don’t want to hurt each other with negativity, sometimes we don’t want to create conflict, and worse, sometimes we just don’t care to communicate our feelings! But for a long term relationship, it’s necessary to keep those channels open.
2. Not actually being in love.
I’ll admit it, it’s hard to define how love feels. Is it a warm feeling inside? A sense of strength in your partner? It’s a little different for everyone I’m sure, but many relationships don’t end up getting into that deep love you see in people who’ve been together for 50 years. It can’t always be attained.
3. There’s no trust.
We live in a world of Tinder and Grindr and OkCupid; it’s easier now than ever to find someone to spend a night with and that leads to mistrust in relationships. Just knowing how easy it is to cheat and how easy it is to conceal. That distrust can bleed into other parts of life too, from finances to long term plans to the character of your partner.
Ultimately, we’re in control of all 3 of these things. We hope this will help you on your emotional journey.