The Blue Part Of The Eraser Is Not For Erasing Pen Marks. Here’s What It’s For.

We have all used this bi-color eraser back in our primary school days, didn’t we? We’re used to thinking that the blue part of the red-blue eraser is used for erasing pen ink. But has it ever worked? Didn’t we all end up with torn pages after a vigorous attempt of trying to erase whatever we wrote down using a pen?
This information might not be life-changing, but it’s little-know (and totally fun) trivia nonetheless. So read on to find out the real purpose of those double-sided eraser. Once you realize the truth, make sure to tell your kids.
The pink part is actually the delicate part of the eraser so it can be used to erase pencil marks on light paper which will tear easily. The blue part of the eraser was intended for erasing pencil marks on thicker and rougher textures like cards or grainy art paper, hence the rough and grainy texture of the eraser.
It would require you to use more force to erase something written on these rough paper if you’re using a normal eraser (the pink part). That is the real reason for the blue side of the eraser–to easily rub away pencil marks on thicker material with rough textures.