GOODBYE WHITE HAIR! Leave This on Your Hair For 5 Minutes and Say Goodbye to White Hair Forever!

In general having white hair is one of the biggest aesthetic problems concerning men and women both. It usually affects the self-confidence in people that affect further in life.

So that’s why people often try different treatments. Cosmetic products can be found almost everywhere but usually they are loaded with chemicals and they are not long term solution.

Sadly that more and more people among 30 years old are affected with this problem. The factors are numerus but the solution is the best to be natural and not to harm our health.

Searching online I found one ancient recipe that can darken the gray hair.

Instructions and way of use:
1. Peel 5 to 6 medium and big potatoes.

2. Store the rinds in a pan where you’ll cook them in 2 cups of water. After the water warms up on high fire, reduce the fire and leave them boil for 15-20 minutes.

3. When the mixture has cooled down, put it in a big bowl. Filtrate the water and remove the potato rinds. Keep this water in a glass bottle that you’ll shut hermetically. You can add several drops of rosemary or lavender oil for a better smell.
4. Washes and condition your hair like usually. Leave the conditioner on your hair for one or two minutes before washing it. Gray hair is normally drier so it must be hydrated properly.
5. Massages the water from the potato rinds into your hair well. Make sure you do not rinse it!
6. Dry and brush your hair like usually.
7. Never keep the potato rinds’ water in the fridge! Prepare more when you’ve run out of it.
8. Do the treatment every day or 2-3 times a week for several weeks or months. Be patient, because it takes time to notice the positive results!