This Is the Alkaline Diet Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know (Immediately!)

When abnormal cells divide uncontrollably in the body they cause the formation of cancer. Cancer is a disease which can affect anyone regardless of age and sex and has become the deadliest disease worldwide. In order to relieve the symptoms and damaging effects that this disease makes, every cancer patient has to make changes in their diet. The balance of pH levels in your body is very important whether or not you have been diagnosed with cancer.

The pH levels of your body have an enormous impact on your health. The pH levels vary from 1-14, with 7 being a neutral value. Anything lower than 7 is considered acidic and higher is alkaline. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment so switching to an alkaline diet is very important.

How does alkaline diet help fight cancer?
Since acidic environment helps cancer cells grow – alkaline environment destroys them. You can make your body more alkaline by eating less or no acidic foods and more alkaline foods which will help destroy these malicious cells.
What is the connection between acidic food and cancer?
Consuming acidic foods leads to inflammation which helps cancer to develop. Inflammation can be caused by and injury or infection and to fight it the body creates more white blood cells that repair the damaged tissue.
In people who suffer from chronic inflammation, the inflammatory response of the body happens with no apparent cause and it lasts long. This can be caused by abnormal reactions of the body to infections. DNA damage and cancer are one of the most common results of chronic inflammation.
The Alkaline Diet
  1. Cruciferous vegetables
Eating 2-3 pieces of these vegetables (preferably raw) which include cabbage, kale and broccoli helps you maintain low acidic levels of your body.
  1. Switch to healthy oils
Organic oils have strong anti-inflammatory properties and are very beneficial for the nervous system. Healthy oils are olive, avocado and coconut oil. However, you should avoid sunflower, corn, margarine and hydrogenated oils because they have a negative impact on the nervous system which damages it and makes it unable to properly protect your health.
  1. Consume proteins
Peas, nuts, lentils, seeds and beans are all rich in protein. However, avoid eating meat. The reason why is that meat is usually processed at high temperatures which causes two toxins to form. These toxins (PAHs and HCAs) cause DNA damage which could lead to cancer development.
  1. Choose the right beverage
Water should always be number one on your list. Other healthy beverages you can drink are natural herbal or green tea or freshly prepared vegetable juices. Avoid sodas and beer because of the sugar and additives they contain and try not to drink excessive amounts of coffee.
  1. Avoid sugar
Sugar is cancer’s favorite food because it is acidic and it stimulates its growth. Eating too much sugar also leads to insulin resistance of your body which means cancer cells will grow even faster.
  1. Avoid gluten
Try eating more organic quinoa, rice, teff and buckwheat instead of muffins, cookies, bread cereals, pasta etc.  You should also avoid rye, wheat spelt and other grains that contain gluten which causes inflammation.
  1. Avoid dairy products
Dairy products made from cow milk have been proven to be most cancer-causing foods. The majority of cheese and yogurt you can buy in the supermarket is made by adding powdered milk. This powdered milk contain casein which causes inflammation and promotes cancer growth but also causes bone decay. Source