What Is the Normal Pressure for Your Age? What Your Reading Means?

The high pressure or hypertension is the biggest health issue these days. Mostly, people that suffer from this do not have any signs, but the rest feel dizziness, nausea, short breaths, blurry vision, vomiting and headaches with nosebleed too.


Hypertension that is not controlled can increase many health issues like loss of vision, kidney damages, memory loss, atherosclerosis, heart attack, heart issues and strokes.
The pressure alters all day long and this is due to various causes like age, genes, gender and more. Doctors have said that these values are linked to normal pressure:


To 20 years old123/76
20-30 years126/79
30-40 years129/81
40-50 years135/83
50-60 years142/85
Over 70 years142/80


To 20 years old116/72
20-30 years120/75
30-40 years137/84
40-50 years137/84
50-60 years144/85
Over 70 years159/85
Blood pressure is called the silent killer because there may be no symptoms until damage is already being done,” Pacold says. “You can prevent that damage by getting early diagnosis and treatment. Here are some takeaway tips:
  • Blood pressure readings from 120 to 139 (systolic) or from 80 to 89 (diastolic) are considered to be pre-hypertension. You may need to have your blood pressure checked more frequently.
  • If your blood pressure readings stay at or above 140 and 90 over time, your doctor may start you on a treatment program.
  • Any time you have a blood pressure reading of over 180 systolic or over 110 diastolic, check it again. If it is still that high, you need to get emergency blood pressure help right away.
Your blood pressure readings can tell you and your doctor a lot about your current health and may even predict future problems.