10 Cleaning Tricks Which Everyone Needs to Know!

Cleaning the home thoroughly is never easy. No matter how often we do it, it always takes a lot of our time and it is also very important that you do it properly. This is why we have prepared a few cleaning tips that can help you clean faster and more efficiently.
Cleaning sponge
The cleaning sponge is the perfect environment for bacteria to breed in. These harmful bacteria can spread on your dishes too so it is important to get rid of it. You can do that by microwaving your sponge for 2 minutes.
Washing machine
Put 2 cups of vinegar in the washing machine and run it for about 1 hour. Start it once again for a complete cycle. In case there is some dirt scrub it with white vinegar and a sponge. Then, pour 2 cups of bleach and leave it for 1 hour. You can clean the knobs, lids, crannies and nooks with cotton swabs. Start the machine again for a complete cycle and afterwards it will be clean and shiny.
Clean the dirty baseboards with fabric softener sheets.
Carpet and mattress stains
Mix hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and use it to clean the carpet stains. It will remove them completely and in a very short time.
Water stains on taps
Water stains reappear all the time so you probably clean them very often. However, you can prevent this by rubbing them with wax paper. This will also keep fingerprints away.
Toilet rings
Put a piece of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and leave it overnight. In the morning the toilet ring will be spotless.
Fragrant room
What’s the point of cleaning if your home does not smell nice and fresh afterwards? And not all fresheners do the trick, so you can make your homemade air freshener in this way:
Mix 2 bottle caps of pure vanilla extract and 1 cup of coffee in a bowl and heat the bowl in the oven at temperature of 300-degree F for 1 hour. You home will smell wonderful.
Sticky mess
Cleaning sticky stains is hard sometimes but you can do it easily by rubbing them with a mixture of equal amounts of baking soda and coconut oil.
You can clean your bathtub as efficiently as when using alkaline cleansers if you fill it with hot water.
Light bulbs
Dry lightbulbs can spoil the image of your perfectly clean home. Wipe them with a microfiber cloth and they will look excellent.
These are a few of the most time-consuming cleaning tasks so next time you need to clean make sure you remember them. They will save a lot of your time.