7 Exercises That Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

No matter how hard you try to remain positive every day it is almost impossible to avoid the effects of negative people and situations. However, there are exercises that can help you train your brain to remain positive even in the toughest situations.
These are the 7 tips that can help you remain positive:
1.Be grateful
Keep a journal or write notes on your phone about the things you are grateful for. Every morning, after you wake up, write at least three things on the list. Feel free to include anything you want to such as your family, the sunrise or anything that makes you happy. If you focus your attention on being grateful it will be much easier to remain positive.
2.Stay focused
Staying focused as much as you can during the day can prevent you from becoming easily affected by negative influence. Some of the things that can help you become more focused include practicing meditation, yoga, taking a walk in nature or anything you enjoy doing that makes you feel relaxed.
3.Stay active
If you spend most of the day thinking about getting everything done, negative energy will not affect you. If you are wondering about the influence of people and everyday situations, trying to stay focused on achieving what you have planned for the day can help you remain positive.
4.Eat, drink and sleep well
The mood and mental health are greatly affected by the foods we eat and the drinks we consume as well as the quality of sleep. Several studies have confirmed that deficiency in essential vitamins can cause reduced mental health which can turn to stress, depression, addictions, anxiety and other disorders.
Lack of sleep, on the other hand, makes you feel angry and more irritable. Getting enough quality sleep provides you with enough energy to get through the day and it also makes you feel happier and relaxed. Making simple changes in your everyday lifestyle can make a huge difference. So, drink lots of water, eat whole foods and sleep at least 8 hours every night.
5.Help others
Helping other people stay positive can also be beneficial for you. People need positivity the most when they feel down. Instead of being afraid that their negative energy will affect you, you should try to brighten their day by shining light on them. Doing this increases the positive energy in your environment which will eventually reach you too.
6.Subconscious re-training and inner healing work
Sometimes it is very important to leave past negative experiences behind to be able to have a positive experience. You can start with exercises such as mirror work, NLP and tapping. Try to find the root cause of your negativity by letting go of bad past experiences.
Then, work on maintaining positive attitude however it is very important to feel positive not just look positive.
7.Follow your passion
Doing what you love is one of the best things you can do to stay positive every day. If your job or hobby make you feel guilty it is time to find another one. This way you will have the ability to come closer to where you want to be in life.
Write three things that you love doing and then three changes you would like to see in the world. Then, think about your lifestyle and see how much the things on the list match. The balance with your soul and doing what makes you feel complete are the most important things for maintaining a positive attitude in life. This will make life much easier.