11 Signs you should never let her go

Here's why you should NEVER let her go!

1. She is a constant support through every situation
    Finding someone compatible to us can be hard, finding someone who's willing to stay with us through thick or thin is even harder. An ideal partner is probably someone who'll never grow tired of us. A person who's willing to hear us out at the end of every day. A shoulder to cry on. A person to laugh along with. If you want to live a long and happy life with your partner then you better be sure that your partner is the type to stay. The main problem with people these days is the fact that people get bored easily.
    When you have that one person whom you can always count on, then poof! All your problems are gone forever. You never have to think that you have to go through anything alone anymore. You'll have someone to depend on. I mean, the going gets tough right? But, would it really be that bad if you had someone who'd care for you and love you? Having a partner who'll be your best friend and your girlfriend or boyfriend will help you get through any difficulty you face.
    2. She is your definition of beautiful
      Beauty is something that cannot be just defined by just a single thing or by just one person's definition. Beauty is a cascade of so many little things. If your girl is your explanation and your idea of beautiful, perfect and awesome then make sure that you cherish her, love her and appreciate her each and every single day. If you find her beautiful even during the moments when others do not then you are truly in love with her. If you think of her every single day, not even every second but just take a moment out of every day to appreciate the person you're in love with, then you genuinely care about them.
      While I admit that everyone has their own specific definition of beauty, I must admit that some people have some ridiculous standards. They want so many things in just one person. It's their unrealistic standards which is why they're alone to this day. People try to implement their standards on us and make us change the way we see our partner. What you need to realise is that these unrealistic standards shouldn't affect you. You found this person beautiful before too and that shouldn't change no matter what anyone says.

      3. She is kind and gives you plenty of attention

      This is a trait you just cannot overlook. Compassion and kindness are essentials if you expect a partner to be ideal. This world lacks kindness on so many levels that at some point, you reach a limit where you just begin to hate human beings. But there is a portion of people in this world who are so kind by heart that you just want them to become a permanent part of your life for as long as you live. This is because being with them inspires you to be a good person. So if you find a girl who is kind and also listens to you with intent and pays much attention to you then make sure you never let her go.
      When someone pays attention to you, they look after everything that concerns you. They know what you like and dislike without you telling them and even if they don’t know what’s going on in your life, they make an effort to find out. They feel like they need to let you know just how much you mean to them. This isn't done in a way which might exceed limits, it's basically the little things they do.
      Like, getting you your favourite ice cream if they see that you're down or taking you out on a day you aren't feeling like your usual self. They mold themselves according to your choices and when you see that happening then you will automatically feel that this is the girl I want to spend my eternity with. Like this is the person who I can trust and know that they'll never leave.

      4. She is full of positive vibes.

      Life is full of so many negative things and if among all that negativity you find a girl who can bring positive vibes and energy in your life, then you should really not ask for something better because that is pure bliss. Living a boring and monotonous life can be very tiring so if a girl tries to bring some kind of adventure in your life, then let her do it because in all sense of the matter, it is healthy for you and you will also have fun.
      What’s better than coming home to a woman who is happy, energetic and lively? This world lacks optimism and amidst all this chaos, people tend to harbor a lot of negativity in them but if your girl can give you hope, then that is something that is not a grocery item anymore. It is a very unique and rare gift.
      You need to realise the importance of positivity in your life. You can spend a minute in darkness, a day tops but not your entire life. It's just not possible. First of all, never let anything bring you down. However, if you have someone to bring you out of whatever darkness you're in, then I urge, no, I beg of you not to let them go.

      5. She loves you to the moon and back

      Love, of course, is the most important factor amongst all of the signs given here on this list. Without love she would not be there in the first place. In fact, the main reason why you're even reading this article is because you have someone there with you to tell you that they love you for today and for ever. So if she loves you from the very bottom of her heart, then she is a keeper and her love will cure you. Your presence will matter to her and even if you are sharing silence, it will be a moment of utter bliss.
      True love is hard to find and finding someone who loves you unconditionally is even rarer. In this world where we live among terms and conditions, to have found a girl who loves you without any conditions and does it with all her heart then what else could you ask from God? She does not have to be an angel obviously but when a girl really loves someone she means it with everything that she is made up of.
      Never let go of a woman who loves you like that because of all things love is something that will always save the day.

      6. She believes in give and take

      Compromising is not a duty of the woman only. If she believes in the principle of give and take then it is even better because then she will make a better person out of you in every situation and not just be a silent lamb.
      It isn't only on the woman to compromise on anything. It's on both of you and whoever knows that they're being silly, should just admit it. That's the principle of give and take i.e you give love, respect and trust to one person and expect the same in return. This is the principle on which a relationship grows.
      You can say that compromising is a key to every successful relationship and it has to be both ways and not just one way. Finding a woman who can compromise is a rare thing but if you do then you know what to do by now.
      Never let anyone talk you out of how amazing the woman beside you is. People will always try to tell you that your partner isn't compromising enough and that you need to step it up in terms of getting your way in every situation. A relationship is meant to be between two people, not the entire world. So, don't involve a third person ever.

      7. She is the home you come to every day

      When is the time when you feel like you have run away from life enough and now it’s time to settle down, begin a life, be there for someone? When you find the right girl. She will be the reflection of your soul and you will actually want to come home to her every single day and not find excuses to stay out and waste yourself or your time wandering around. What do you have to wander around for? Everything you want is right there at home. All you have to do is go there.
      All of a sudden she becomes the center of your world and you know that there is no going back now because you love what is happening and this is exactly what you have always wanted. No wonder you feel like the king of the whole world because she makes you feel like one. She is your queen and together you two become the centre of each other's world.

      8. She speaks her mind

      Ever found a girl who tells you if you are wrong or right on your face when you actually are? If you have not, then start looking and if you have, hold on to her very tightly. This shouldn't be thought of in terms of negativity or anything wrong, all you're getting is a person who isn't afraid to tell you when you need to stop or start. As we grow up we come to know that most people appreciate what we do but hardly ever anyone else tells us when and where we are wrong and does not even stop us from making a bad choice.
      So if you find a girl who does that for you then you have a counselor and a therapist for free for a lifetime. If you feel like she is your right hand and guides you through bad decisions and tells you what you do wrong then no wonder she actually cares for you to take such a step and not be scared to speak her mind.
      Only a person who is true to themselves can tell you where you lack a certain thing and instead of getting offended you should take it positively and thank God for giving her to you. Who wouldn't want such a person? I suggest you keep the one you found.

      9. She is one strong woman

      Not just physically, a woman needs to be strong emotionally. It is an obvious fact that guys tend to fall for girls who are confident and have a strong character. They are independent and they let nothing come in the way of their individual growth. Every guy appreciates a woman who is strong emotionally and can take care of herself in any situation.
      That is not because you don’t want to take care of them but the fact is that people who have weathered storms are always stronger and know how to tackle life. So a guy will always prefer a woman who has strength of character and can handle her emotions well in front of people and even when you two are alone.
      It does not mean that she can’t be vulnerable at times. She is only human and sometimes she will open up to you about her scarred past but that takes a lot of courage and you should respect her for that.

      10. She has a fiery passion

      There are ups and downs in every relationship but passion is also very important. If your partner is not passionate about you, then you will have a very dull relationship. May it be your daily routine or the times when you two cuddle under the sheets, if she is passionate then you will feel your life getting changed every single day.
      She will bring so many colors and heat in your life that it will never become cold and dormant again. Without passion, a relationship is nothing because there is no spark, no magic and not a single special thing about being together.
      When a girl is passionate, she shows it in everything she does. May it be a dinner date when she is cooking for you or anything that is related to you two, she will put all the effort and all her uniqueness in the relationship in an effort to make it work between you two. It is a simple fact that when someone puts so much effort to make something work how can you let go of such a person?

      11. She is your everything

      Often we hear that people ask their partners why they have fallen in love with them and their partners can never answer it. This is an indication of true love because when you fall madly for someone you don’t count the reasons why you have fallen for them.
      True love means not having a reason to love someone and still loving that person because you just do. So if too often and too soon you have this realization that she has become your sun and moon and your reason for existence then she truly is the one. Do not be too late in telling her how you feel about her and tell her exactly how much you want to spend all your life with her because you may not find another woman like her ever again.