If Your Guy Does These 14 Things, Congrats! You Found a Real Man

Almost every woman dreams of finding the perfect man who has all the qualities she requires him to have. However, it is not that easy to find one person who has everything that you want and need. Still you should not lose hope, instead start by learning the difference between boys and men.
Try to find a man who will speak his mind, has a sense of humor, who is not ashamed to show his love, and dresses and speaks well.

These are the qualities that a true gentleman should possess:
1. A true gentleman pays attention to his personal hygiene including trimming nose hairs and cleaning his nails.
2.This man has a strong character, a career and a personal life and is also sophisticated.
3. A gentleman does not wait for too long to call a woman. He calls her to invite her to dinner; he makes the reservations and has a great time.
4. A true gentleman tells a girl whether he is interested or not. In case he is not he always makes sure that she knows he had a great time with her. He appreciates her time and tells her that he is not interested in the relationship becoming more serious.
5.This man reads lots of books and newspapers; he is well informed and has his own opinion about everything. He knows that not everything he reads or hears is a fact so he values the opinion of someone who disagrees with him. He even enjoys engaging in a good debate.
6.The real man is a true gentleman who shows a woman that he cares about her by opening the door for her or taking her coat.
7. He values the woman so if he wants to have a sexual relation he first seduces her instead of forcing her into doing something she does not want to. He is well aware that he should firs conquer other parts of the woman body.
8. Even though he enjoys knowing that a woman likes him he does not want to be chased, instead he prefers to be the one in charge in courting.
9. He loves an independent woman who is financially stable to pay for her own bills and expenses. This type of woman is the one he wants beside him.
10. He a woman who will love him for his character and personality rather than his financial status.
11.This man prefers a woman who shares the same qualities he has such as having a career hobby, family and close friends.
12. He knows who he is, what he wants and what he does not. He appreciates honesty very much and believes that if he can be honest with himself he can be honest with others too.
13. He is very proud of the woman he is with and is not afraid to show it through the way he looks or acts.
14. A gentleman is a man, not a boy. He wants to find the perfect woman for him not a girl. He tries to find the woman who shares the same qualities with him but also has something to teach him. He will not settle for anything, he takes his time searching for the right woman and once he finds her he will fight for her. And when the woman finds the man with the right qualities she should be happy about having someone like that by her side.