BEWARE OF PLASTIC RICE! Here Are 4 Easy Ways To Identify Fake Rice.

China is the largest producer of rice in the world where 200 tons are produced every year. However even as China rice production soars, so does the healthy concerns regarding the quality of rice as several reports have shown that Chinese rice has a huge plastic content.

In fact a report in the Korean times has even indicated that several Chinese companies sell spurious rice that is manufactured from plastic and potato starch but with a flavor and aroma of steamed rice. The spurious Chinese plastic rice is then mixed with organic rice to mislead consumers.


Take one tablespoon of Chinese rice and pour into a glass of water. Organic rice will fall to the bottom while plastic rice will float.


Take handful of rice and burn the same by using matchsticks or lighter. If the rice particles are made of plastic, then it will release plastic smell immediately after burning.


Boil rice and keep it in a bottle for 2-3 days. If the boiled rice does not get affected by fungus, then it happens to be plastic rice and not the usual rice.


Fake rice can be identified while boiling. If the rice is made of plastic, then it will form a thick layer on the pot at the time of boiling.